4 Christmas Hacks from Clas Ohlson

Nov 15, 2017 by

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Christmas hacks from Clas Ohlson!

We shouldn’t say we have solved life’s problems but we might make Christmas easier for some of you. Here are a few tricks from Us to You!


1. Screw it like a Swede!

What are the chances; that you’ll have a wine opener or that you’ll have a screw and a hammer at home?
Whatever it is, one of them will be able to open your wine. Just be careful!

You’ll need:


Screw the screw (obvs?!) into the cork, then use the hammer to pull it out slowly as it’s not as easy as you are used to.
All decorations in the photos are from Clas Ohlson.com

2. Last minute gifts for the neighbor’s kids!

A last-minute trick that will make almost every Swede melt (not the lactose allergic though) is a Marabou chocolate egg! You can even paint the egg like a little Santa Cla(u)s if you want:)!

All you need is


Take the marinade injector and carefully stick two holes on each end of the egg.
Blow hard into one hole of the egg until the egg is empty (don’t let the egg go to waste if possible).
Carefully heat up the chocolate (make sure not to burn it), you can add a little milk.
Take the marinade injector and fill it with Marabou Chocolate.
Let the chocolate cool down.
Paint the egg!
Voilá, all kids will love you forever!


3. Be the obvious winner on Ugly Christmas Sweater day 15th December!

Instead of buying one, make your own.

You will need:


Take an old sweater or buy a new one. Then head to Clas Ohlson online or store and pick Christmas decorations of choice and put as much on as you want. It’s super cheap and fun!

Pick some tinsel of choice, the more the better. Add the battery-driven Christmas lights and put it around your torso.

Put the rest of the tinsel on your arms. Always have your tree topper with you and a make sure to freeze as a Christmas Tree when people are around.  To make it look more like a tree, add some wire to the bottom of the jumper. Make it as UGLY as you can!

4. No Christmas tree at home?

Don’t you worry! At Clas Ohlson, they have plenty of Christmas lights, both for indoor and outdoor use. If you need a quick solution, we’ve got it for you!

You’ll need:


Buy the multicolored LED string light and put it up on your wall with tape and you’ll have a Christmas tree. It can even change color. Dress it with more decorations if you want!