5 Swedish Online Services You Can Still Use When You’re in London

Aug 25, 2023 by

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Back in the day, certain services were available in certain regions and countries only, so you’d need to travel there to get what you need. However, we live in the global age where pretty much any service you can think of is available online There are no borders in the digital world as pretty much every business and service is international.


You can be in any place and get all sorts of services. If you happen to be staying in London, then you will have access to local and global businesses. But people tend to stick to the services they’re familiar with which is why they will go for their favorites when they’re abroad. So if you happen to be a traveling Swede visiting London, then might be looking for the services you’re used to.


Luckily, there are plenty of Swedish services available globally, London included. If you happen to be looking for such services, then you can dive deep into this selection and find what you’re looking for:




Trustly is a fintech company that allows any users to use their services to buy all sorts of products and services across the globe. In other words, you’ll be able to use Trustly in London when you’re looking to buy groceries, clothes, tickets, and other kinds of products and services. The UK and Sweden are both tech-savvy countries which means you’ll find plenty of vendors covering alternative payment options. So, you’ll be able to use Trustly whenever you visit a vendor to buy something.


Naturally, this is a digital service so you’ll be able to use it online. There are plenty of digital companies that cover Trustly payments and if you’re subscribed to some of them, then you can use Trustly to pay your subscriptions. These may be streaming services, gaming platforms, and even online casinos.


There are lots of casinos available online and they support a variety of payment methods. Some of them happen to be global payment methods such as Trustly. In other words, casino fans will come across Trystly casino sites that allow players to use the method to deposit and withdraw funds to and from their accounts. These sites offer a variety of games such as slots, live-dealer titles, and table games. In addition to the games, there are all sorts of interesting promos and features.



Swedes listen to music just like anyone else. In the digital world we live in there are loads of music platforms and you’ll find Spotify among the top ones. Interestingly, Spotify is another Swedish product that’s famous across the world. When it comes to the world of musical streaming services pretty much anyone you know has a Spotify account. This service covers a variety of musical genres and any Swede can enjoy it in London.


It’s a nice app to have as it suggests various albums and songs and suggests additional tunes to listen to. You can dive into rap, rock, metal, or some alternative titles. Naturally, you can stick to artists and albums you know and love, or go experiment with different ones. As a Swede in London, you can also go for some of the local artists and go for their latest albums and tracks. Either way, you will have plenty of music to enjoy as Spotify is available to all Swedes in London.



The third entry on this list is created by a Swedish entrepreneur and as such the inventor made sure to make the service available globally. In other words, Duolingo will be an available service if you decide on using it in London. When it comes to language learning apps, Duolingo is up there among the giants. You’ll find this a useful app as London is a city of multiple cultures. There are people visiting from all over the world and it’s a pleasant surprise for them if you speak their language. You can learn a variety of languages on the app and track your progress. You’ll have all sorts of tests to improve your knowledge, but the ultimate one is talking to native speakers. So, you can use Duolingo in London to learn new languages and chat with people.



Ikea is probably one of the best-known Swedish companies with a global presence. It’s famous for the variety of furniture you can buy and assemble, but it’s also known for a range of other sorts of appliances. So, chances are you’ll find Ikea shops all over London, as well as a site that caters to the London branch. As a Swede you might be already familiar with the brand and how it works which is why you’ll have no trouble accessing its services in London. Ikea has a variety of options to choose from as well as special collaborations that you can use to spice up your place. Naturally, you’ll get a London palate to pick from.


SVT Play

When in London you’ll get access to local shows and films via your telly, but you might be looking to enjoy some Swedish TV. This is where SVT play comes into action as this app lets you access a variety of Swedish broadcasts, documentaries, TV shows, and more. So, the next time you’re feeling homesick and you’re looking to enjoy some classic Swedish TV, then think of SVT Play. All you need is a device with an internet connection and an account on the app to enjoy it.


To Sum Up

These are just 5 Swedish services available in London. Ikea will liven up your London home, Duolingo will teach you new languages, and SVT Play will give you access to your favorite shows back home. You can use Trustly to pay for all your products and services and you can listen to music on your Spotify account. All in all, there are plenty of Swedish services available in London, so when you come to visit you won’t be left to yourself.