A DAMAGED love story.

Dec 12, 2011 by

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Written by Nicole ch Jacobsen, Walking the st. of London.


London, the city of random friendship.  A early October eve in 2010 I met this wild curly, bit freaky guy with the deepest creative personality you can find. – He invited me to become damaged.

I attend the event this late Sunday eve. My name were on a strict guest list only event. The music is intense, the music is dirty. There is a few selected people dancing, true damaged people

- muscles of steel working to the beat, love shining from their 
 seductive smiles & creativity through their movement. 


I start dancin’. Joined by truly damaged people & their friends they creating a innovative mood in the east london underground arena which is about more than just an electric feel. From the first set you feel completely embraced & without any restraints you accept join the cheekiness, dancin’ until the last set mixed by that wild curly, bit freaky guy with the deepest creative personality you can find.

If you want a different & honest fun experience on the dance-ground, dancin’ to a sound far far away from radio remixes –  This Sunday, 18th December 2011, from 8pm until 5am at E8 2PB.


DAMAGED since 2009

Genre: House / Techno

When: One Sunday a month

Location: East London

Residents: Georgio Oniani / Matteo Manzini / Wandson Maxx

Contact: damagedlondon@gmail.com