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LondonSwedes.com is the largest website for the Swedish and Scandinavian community in London and the UK. Since 2003, over 20 000 members have joined and the website currently has over 25 000 unique monthly visitors. LondonSwedes has been recognised by both individuals and media outlets throughout Sweden as a must visit forum. In addition to the forum, our user-friendly website offers handy information, personal blogs and event listings. We also host annual, Midsummer parties, crayfish parties and Christmas events!

The objective of LondonSwedes is to be the premier resource for Swedes and Scandinavians coming to the UK, either as tourists, students, or working professionals.

LondonSwedes is recognised as an authority at London life, having forged relationships with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, The Swedish Embassy and The Swedish Church in London.
Approximately 100 000 Swedes live in London and the UK, with about 500 000 Swedish tourists visiting the UK capital annually.

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“Londonsvenskar.se” in its first form was founded as a simple forum by Daniel Hansson and Martin Welén but the domain was bought in 2011 by Charlotte Ågren and the website was built from scratch as LondonSwedes.com.


Charlotte Ågren
Founder LondonSwedes.com

Spending my time between Bali and London.

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 Isak Rubin
Tech monkey

Based in San Francisco.
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