7 Appsolutely Appealing Applications

Dec 3, 2015 by

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Here’s the guide to the most necessary new and old apps to have to make your London Life a little bit more convenient.

Text: Antonia Karyne Ansgariusson



Any home service, on demand, within 30 – 60 minutes 


Having the parents-in-law over for dinner, but can’t be bothered to clean up? Need an express wax before your date? Or did you lock yourself out of your apartment? Bizzby provides you with (pretty much) any kind of help you need, to your door, within 60 minutes. I say that, because you can literally order a “hero” to come help you and we all know heros’ limitations are pretty much none. We would also like to add that it is very cheap and convenient – we have had cleaners showing up at the doorstep within 30 minutes and left the flat spotless after 1,5 hours for under £20!
Use the code LONDONSWEDES when signing up for £10 off your first use.


The new dating app based on personality


While I think we all agree that looks do matter when trying to find “the one”,  we’re going to make an off guess that you have previously have tried the traditional dating apps out there – went on a date with a real hottie, and then realised that his abs in no way can compensate for his off personality. Well, look no more! Jingle is trying to change that by, before all, letting you go through a personality test (validated by psychogists, so all legit and shit) and providing you with daily updates of top potential matches. Thank God. My thumb was getting a little sore from those endless left-swipes. That’s not all. Jingle also provides you with top dating tips from locals – anything from a hidden café in Notting Hill to a fancy Gastro pub in Soho. Let the love flow!
Find the app by looking for “The Jingle” on App store or on Android.




24 h alcohol delivery


Fresh into the App Store, we can guarantee that Bevy will make you the hero of the after party. Bevy, your beverage butler, delivers alcohol around the clock from your closest off-license at the same price as you would buy it for if you went there yourself (but you don’t want to, because i’ts London and most likely raining). And you might as well prepare for your Sunday in bed and order some Ben & Jerry’s and painkillers already now. Why anyone hasn’t come up with this before? I honestly don’t know. Currently available in Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, Westminister, Wandsworth and Lambeth – but they are growing quickly.
Get your code with £5 to use: http://www.bevy.co/?kid=7F043



Optimize your transportation


Google in all honor, but if you are still using Google Maps to get around London, you’re definitely a rookie. There is something logistically orgasmic with an app that fully pleases your transportation needs, including exactly when that bus you’re waiting for will show up, easy comparisons to how much an Über would cost, listings of all Boris bike stands, occasional reminders of what it would have been like if you lived in the future (Bus: 40 min, Tube, 24 min, Jetpack: 2 min) or how many flat whites you have burnt off by walking your way to Starbucks instead of taking the bus.


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The cheap, quick and convenient taxi

As a Londoner, I think there are few things that might revolutionize your London lifestyle to the extent that Über does. On the off chance that you don’t yet know it (in which case this should be your cue download it from the AppStore) Über is a revolutionizing taxi service that you navigate through your app; quickly estimate your fare, track your driver (usually they show up within 5 min!), rate your driver, and feel safe that you never get tricked as you receive receipts with the full route and cost after your trip. And no annoying extra trips to the ATM – everything is automatically charged your registered card in the app.

Use the code LONDONSWEDES for your first trip free



Date people you’ve crossed paths with


Tinder is so 2014. At least in London. Have you ever matched with a guy, talked a bit, and even though you have the distance filter on, it turns out that he lives in Stratford? Not really compatible with your West-centralized life. Happn is Tinder but with hotter people, less “Hey, you look hot, can I come over?” and with a 100% success rate (at least for me) of actually going on dates with people who live / work in an area where you live / work as you get a feed of people who you have crossed paths with. Because even if you both live in London, you can still end up in a long distance relationship. #aintnobodygottimeforthat



Explore your city’s unknown food & drink deals

We’ve have all been there, and regardless of how much we love the healthy options of Pret A Manger, we might head over there out of laziness one time too many. Wriggle shows you those places around the corner you might not have thought about, and the best time limited deals for food & drink around the corner. Who knows, you might run into your new favourite lunch place, or the site for your next Happn / Jingle date! 
Use the code SVERIGE for £3 off your first Wriggle catch.