How much will this cost Bloc?

Jul 7, 2012 by

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Charlotte Ågren tells the story of why Bloc Weekend was such a megafail and how it may cost the organisers big money to repare the damage. 

London Pleasure Gardens 7.30pm.

When we arrived at the London Pleasure Gardens on Friday night the queue into Bloc Weekend was so long we couldn’t even see where it ended. We immediately understood by the pace that this line would be at least an hour or two long.

However, we had press tickets, so our entrance went smoother then we could ever imagine. One minute and we were in. The people on the same tube as us, the paying festival visitors, weren’t in until hours later…

We explored the venues which was partly outside, partly in tents and on a huge ship.

When we saw the queue to the ship we were chocked. Same line as outside. A thousand people in a queue for an already over-crowded venue.

The press section of the boat was empty and dull, the other side was great, crowded but with a good vibe. So crowded that people were standing on tables and pushing each other. And then have in mind the thousands of people queuing to get in to this place. People who came from other countries to see their favourite DJs never had a chance to.

The night went on and we could see the queues but didn’t think that much of it until we then tried to get into the main stage area to see Snoop Dogg, people were coming from everywhere. Pushing in to the extent where poor security couldn’t handle the situation. They were just standing there and couldn’t do anything. One security guard even shook his head at the situation. It was hopless.

We never quite felt the anger and disappointment that 15 000 people felt….. Until we were standing and waiting for Snoop Dogg to appear at the Main Stage at midnight. When a girl in front of us got a phone call from her friend, saying that police were closing outside, everyone have to leave and they wouldn’t open again on Saturday. Bloc Weekend was supposed to end at eight am Friday night, open again on Saturday and stay open until eight am Sunday. No one really believed it since the whole stage was set up and soundcheck was done. Snoop was just gonna come out. During the time it was closing down, Bloc Weekend organisers kept tweeting as if the show was going on as usual. Appart from that: zero information was given. Snoop Dogg wasn’t even on sight. After a while we left and ran back to the tube since 15 000 people had to leave at the same time. Our trip home went smooth. We were lucky to live close.

But what about the 15 000 people who paid £100 for tickets, travelled from Germany, France, Italy etc? Other questions that everyone wants to have answered, can you find on #bloc on Twitter. Poor organisers and promoters, this event will be very, very expensive.