Cool Online Activities for Free Time in London

Aug 3, 2022 by

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Technology has revolutionized interactions and brought almost everything around us to the reach of our fingertips. Working from home is the new norm. And this will likely be the future of work.


With working from home becoming a lifestyle and the internet taking a big chunk of our lives, we must adapt in all aspects. This includes having fun during our free time. 


London has many fascinating features, people, and places to explore. Because of busy schedules and many other reasons, we can’t manage to access them physically. So actually, how many of these cool activities can we get online?


Photo from Unsplash via Tamara Menzi 


Play Casino Games

Who said you can’t make some money in your free time on the internet? Online casinos offer the comfort of playing some of your favorite games for real money from your browser. Show your prowess in blackjack or poker with a live dealer on the table, or you can try your luck in roulette. 

Consider choosing a Pay N Play Casino. You get to play without the need to create an account or provide personal information. You also enjoy fast withdrawals on your winnings for a good reason. Pay N Play casinos don’t ask for verification details. 

However, they offer hundreds of diverse games. They support mobile gaming and offer fast customer service.


The National Gallery

Whether with your phone, tablet, or desktop, you get an amazing chance to explore this awe-inspiring building and see some of the greatest paintings from the comfort of your home. Google Maps allows you to explore every corner of the National Gallery as you would in a one-on-one situation. 

There are 28 paintings on display to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. You can also immerse into a search collection of more than 2,00 paintings to explore. 

If you love classical art, this is your chance to immerse yourself in the exemplary works of Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gough, or new age artists from the comfort of your home. Either way, you’re guaranteed a satisfying experience and a happy mood at the end.


Visit the British Museum

The British Museum on Great Russel Street has a remarkable collection of over eight million objects spanning two million years of human civilization. That’s why it is the most visited museum in the world. However, about one percent is available for public display for free (that’s about 80,000 items!).

The timelessness of the art collections in this museum is breathtaking and a moment to reflect on humanity in general. From the iconic Roman sculpture, Crouching Venus in 23AD to the Tree of life from Mozambique in 2004. You will be amazed whenever you visit any gallery in the section during a virtual tour. 

At the museum, you can never miss something to fascinate you. You also learn about the most valued Vindolanda tablets and why they are the most priced items in the gallery. 


Go Speed Dating

Speed dating is a fun and serious affair. Physical speed dating could be quite embarrassing, like many of us, if you’re the shy type. You’re bound to do exactly what you’d warned yourself not to and probably fail to impress any of the ladies. How about your try some speed dating?

Date in the dash is bringing the comfort of speed dating to the comfort of your sofa or bed, wherever you choose. You get to meet hot and searching people who are also in for the fun. Unlike dating apps where you get to wait for you to match. Every date is three minutes, and you get to meet 15-20 people! All you need is a webcam and or a smartphone.

You don’t need to dress up either. You can wear your pajamas and a nice top for the camera. The chances of being catfished are also low since you see the other person live. This is the best way to pump up that confidence and use those pick-up lines you’ve been thinking whole year. You’re the one could be a dash away. You never know.


Listen to Live Podcasts

Probably you’re free, bored, and looking for people to talk to. Clubhouse is a popular social audio site where you hear live podcasts from other guests in different chartrooms talking about various issues. You can choose whatever room to enter, be it sports, politics, economics, or the latest celebrity gossip.

Until late, the site was invite-only and available on android and the apple play store. The app has over two million downloads and recorded a peak download of eight million in a single month. 

You don’t have to create an account and can click on the shared link. You can raise your app to get airtime and participate by sharing your thoughts on the topic, like who is the best soccer player or how to prepare spaghetti carbonara. 

On a lucky session, you could bump into a couple of celebrities and get to hear their real voices. You can also start your room or pose questions to progress discussions in another person’s room.  


Attend a Live Music Concert

Music events are evolving, and you don’t have to be physically at the arena to feel the heat of live performance. You can invite your friends or let your family join you as you wiggle to the bits in front of the screen. 

Attending the next concert from your living room could be a memorable experience. You even get to have a shoutout from your favorite artist or sing along in the chorus. If you’re into classical music, you can enjoy some of their pipe organs at Royal Albert Hall. However, you must buy the tickets in time to get a ‘seat’ reservation.


Bottom Line

Although being free is a fallacy, you can create some time to have fun while surfing the internet. You’d want to talk, explore, make some quick cash, or burn some steam; there are countless cool things to do in London. One-click could be all you need. And a little eagerness to explore.