We are looking for our next Lucia! (Who we will send to Sweden…)

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We are looking for our next Lucia 2019 together with


You can be crowned LondonSwedes Lucia 2019! Our Lucia will also receive a flight for two with SAS to the new airport Sälen Scandinavian Mountains Airport and 5000 SEK to use at SkiStar. The competition is in collaboration with our sponsor SkiStar.


For the fourth year in a row, we will be hosting our own Lucia choir – this year in the absolutely amazing venue Stoke Newington Town Hall. We are thrilled to share this magical Scandinavian tradition with our community. The tradition is alongside Midsummer, representing one of Sweden’s most iconic cultural traditions, with its clear reference to life in the old peasant communities: darkness and light, cold and warmth.

Lucia is an ancient mythical figure with an abiding role as a bearer of light in the dark Swedish winters.

Tickets and more information about the event can be found here Swedish Lucia Night.


The tradition of hosting a Lucia competition

In Sweden, it has previously been a tradition to compete for the Lucia title. Staunchly opposed to privilege, Sweden has always sought to avoid ranking people, which is why beauty contests and ‘homecoming queen’ events are rare. The Lucia celebration, however, has been the exception, and competition for the role of Lucia is often high. Previously every town and village worth the name selects its own Lucia. Local newspaper subscribers are invited to vote for one of the candidates, who are presented in local newspapers a couple of weeks in advance. A national Lucia is also selected annually, with the winner proclaimed in one of the major TV channels (sweden.se). We want to give everyone a chance to have the role of the annual Lucia in London.



Tell us about your nominated friend, why she or he is your friend or why she or he would stand out as Lucia – or just tell us something fun about yourself if you want to nominate yourself. 

Send us an e-mail with a photo and a bit about yourself or your nominated friend to events@londonsvenskar.com



The chosen Lucia needs to be available on Friday the 13th of December from 4 pm until 10 pm.  List of songs will be provided before to practise on. We will also meet on Wednesday the 11th of December at 7 pm. The Lucia needs to be fluent in Swedish as we are singing Swedish Lucia songs.


There are no requirements regarding age or gender! Everyone is welcome to apply! We will choose the person we think is most suitable.


The Lucia:

Gets to wear the Lucia crown and be the official Lucia on LondonSwedes Lucia Night 2019 in front of 500 guests.

A goodie bag from our sponsors will also be provided!

The winner will also get a flight for two with SAS to the new airport Sälen Scandinavian Mountains Airport and 5000 SEK to use at any SkiStar resort. This competition is in collaboration with our sponsor SkiStar.


The price applies to this winter season 19/20 when booking accommodation at one of SkiStar’s ski resorts Sälen or Trysil. Does not apply during school holidays, ie not v.52 to v.1, v.7 to 9, v.15 to 16.


Good Luck!