Fettisdagen 12 februari

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Fettisdagen (Fat Tuesday) is the Swedish name for the Tuesday after the Quinquagesima and the day between Shrove Monday and Ash Wednesday. Because it is the last day before the Lenten fast, a tradition has developed of eating buns, called “fastlagsbullar”, “fettisdagsbullar” (Fat Tuesday Buns) or “semla“. The day is also called “White Tuesday” because the buns are made out of white flour.

The day is called “Mardi Gras” in France, “laskiainen” in Finland, “Carnaval” in the Netherlands, “T?usty Czwartek” in Poland and “Fastelavn” inDenmark. In the UK it is known as Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day. 

– Wikipedia

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