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    As the topic says – I am looking for any part-time job for the days sunday to wednesday. I do now have a part-time job at a bar, but wish to find another.

    2008-2012 Upper secondary economics course at Bildningscentrum, Sweden
    2008 Education in professional leadership

    Work experience
    2007-2010 Receptionist at Svensk Fastighetsformedling in Atvidaberg (real estate)
    2010 Real estate agent’s assistant at Svensk Fastighetsformedling in Motala
    2011 Cashier at BR Leksaker in Linkoping (BR Toys) (summer employment)
    2011-2012 ICA Supermarket in Atvidaberg, all-round at supermarket
    2012 Member of the executive community board in Atvidaberg
    2012 Sales at Hi3G Access in Stockholm (carrier 3)
    2012-2013 “Meeting hunter” at Erik Olsson Real Estate in Stockholm
    2013 Host at Erik Olsson special viewings in Stockholm

    Other experience
    Practical education at Atvidabergs Sparbank (bank in Atvidaberg)
    Practical education at Bettans Lek & Blomster (flower and toy store)
    Practical experience at Plata (bar)

    Swedish as native tongue
    Fluent English
    Fluent Spanish
    Basics in German and French

    I might even be interested in any full-time job offer, if it is “the right one”.
    If you find me suitable for a position in your staff, please contact me on +44 7552 143079 or at niklas.johnson@moderat.se.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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