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    Hi my name is Matilda, i’m 23 years old and Swedish.
    I’m available as a babysitter, for Swedish and English families.
    I come from an expat background and I’ve grown up in Ireland, Sweden and Holland. I’m Bi-lingual speaking both Swedish and English. I’ve gone to international schools and therefore have a good understanding for children who are currently in similar positions.
    I have three younger siblings. I’ve worked as babysitter since i was twelve and have an extensive network of people who are happy to supply references if you would want further information. I have also worked as a full-time au-pair.
    I’m currently finished studying acting in London. I have worked as a drama teacher, teaching children between the ages of 5-12.
    I have experience of working with kids with ADD and ADHD.
    If you would like to know more or get references, please email me at
    Kind Regards,

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