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    Working Practices

    Nibble preschool, Järfälla municipality 2007- May 2007
    Worked as a lunch cook
    The duties included preparing and preparing lunch for preschool, dishes and fine dining in the kitchen.

    Lunch restaurant Kärnmakmakare, Järfälla municipality 2007-Aug 2007
    Worked as a cook and cooked lunch.

    Second Hand Store Emmaus, Aspen Lunch Restaurant, Järfälla Municipality 2008-2010
    Retailers, Recommendation Letters are available.
    Worked with clothing sorting, price tagging, keeping track of the store and cleaning the entire store.
    In the kitchen I made lunch and helped out in the restaurant.

    volunteer work

    Rågsveds folkets hus Winter 2016
    The duties have consisted of heating and serving food, serving for serving, cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. Some guests are single and appreciate a chat with volunteers, so when there was nothing practical to do then talk to people.

    Stockholmsstadsmission Winter 2016
    Education Part 1
    This training goes to all volunteers, no matter what mission you want to proceed with. You can learn more about Stockholm City Mission and their activities in digital education. Then
    they met for a half-day training about their value base and how to meet people in the business.
    Education Part 2
    Here we went through the role, significance and responsibility of volunteers and preparing for their upcoming mission.

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