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    Hello everyone,

    we here at LanguageMatters Recruitment are looking for speakers of the Nordic languages on a regular basis, especially recently we seem to get a lot of vacancies involving these languages. Jobs are across many sectors including customer service, marketing, accounts, administrative, PA, and many more!

    Please feel free to send me your CV so we can keep an active eye out for suitable job opportunities for you.

    At the moment we have the following vacancies involving Nordic languages:

    Swedish-speaking Customer Service/Sales Administrator – Manufacturing company – Central London £18-20,000pa
    Swedish-speaking Customer Service Professional – South East England – £21,000pa
    Swedish-speaking administrative assistant – Publishing industry – Central London – £21,000pa
    Swedish (or Finish)-speaking Customer Service/Sales Executive role – sports equipment brand – South West England £25,000pa plus bonus
    Swedish (or Norwegian) Account Manager role – Manufacturing company – Central London – £30,000pa
    Swedish Financial Controller/Management Accountant – London – £50,000pa

    For more details, I would suggest you to check our profile on Reed. CVs you can send me to directly: [email protected] – please make sure you are sending your CV in word-Format and in English! Would be great to also have a few lines of what you are looking for and what your situation is.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Kind regards, Guido

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