Short term summer job in the UK

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    Lisa Andersson

    Since I have a whole month of from both work and studies I thought I would come back to London/England for a month between ca 19th June – 19th July and I thought I could do something productive whilst over there.
    So I’m looking for some kind of job. Nanny, pub, hotel, reception, cashier, you name it I’m probably willing to do it.
    I’m 30, living in Stockholm at the moment, but have lived in England for 2 years a few years back. First as an au pair and then as a student. Currently studying political science at Stockholm university and working at a riding school teaching horse riding and working in the office with administrative chores. So I have a lot of childcare experience and also a lot of experience from working in an office. More or less fluent in English.
    Will be in England 2-7 of June, so it’s possible to met prior to mid June.
    Some sort of help with accommodation would be appreciated, but I’m able to sort that myself if necessary.

    So let me know if you might have something to offer me. Don’t necessarily have to be in London, I’m open to a lot of suggestions.

    Hope to hear from you!

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