Swedish meatballs straight to your door this weekend- IKEA teams up with Uber Eats in London!

Nov 16, 2018 by

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Dreams can come true! Uber Eats has teamed up with our favourite furniture store IKEA to deliver their world known meatballs (and some vegetarian options) to Brits around London. We have a feeling it will not only be to Brits…:)

The Swedish furniture shop is a popular hangout for many a furniture enthusiast and beyond.
We go there for other reasons: sometimes just for their meatballs, and of course just to try some of their beds out.


We get tired of even hearing  the word “Hygge”, now it’s time for our Swedish concept – fredagsmys – the tradition of a cosy night in with friends and family which Ikea wants Brits to embrace.

Not only do they have meatballs on the menu, they also have, as they say: ‘celebrations on demand’, offering three handpicked packages which include the classic meatballs, veggie balls, and the famous Daim cake. Yum!


Imagine getting a box full of Swedish treats – straight to your door! We are beyond excited! And it’s not just the meatballs: along with your meals you’ll get a Sinnlig scented candle, Flimra wine glasses, and the new Strala LED lighting chain to get you in the mood! What are you waiting for? Use our code for free delivery when you sign up: eats-uberlondonswedes


Sitting in our offices in West London we’re only people who apparently can’t order 20 meatballs for lunch as you need to live  maximum of 2 miles away from the Ikea kitchen, located at Studio DDC, 367 Geffrye Street, E2 8HZ. We’re definitely crashing at a central London pad tonight.


If we all make sure to order as much as we can the offer could potentially be permanent. At the moment it’s only valid from 16 to 20 November, between 11am and 2pm and 5pm and 10pm. ENJOY!



The Snug – £10 for 2 people

20 meatballs Mash or chips Cream sauce Lingonberry jam 2 x Daim cake Sanela cushion cover Avsiktig napkins Oddrun throw Sinnlig scented candle

The Formal £10 for 2 people

20 x veggie palls Butternut squash, courgette, and kale hash 2 x plain sugar doughnut 2 x Flimra wine glasses Marit place mat Smycka fake flower Gullmaj napkin Stabbig decoration for candle

The family platter – £20 for 4 people

20 x meatballs 20 x veggie balls Mash or chips Butternut squash, courgette, and kale hash Cream sauce Lingonberry jam 2 x Daim cake 2 x plain sugar doughnuts 10 pack of Vinter disposable cups 10 pack Vinter paper plates Strala LED lighting chain Fantastik paper napkins Marit table runner