Löfbergs offer a taste of Sweden to UK customers

Jun 19, 2022 by

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Löfbergs offer a taste of Sweden to UK customers

Swedish coffee company Löfbergs will soon be bringing their well-loved products to
UK customers. From the end of June, a number of Löfbergs products will be
available in Tesco stores nationwide – the first time the brand has been available
beyond online retailers in the UK.


Included in the range are three roast and ground coffees:

Organic Medium Roast – 100% Arabica coffee from South and Central America and
East Africa. Carefully roasted to produce flavours of sweet berries and milk
chocolate in the elegant aftertaste.

Organic Dark Roast – the same 100% Arabica coffee as the Organic Medium but
here the beans are roasted to a darker level to create a rich aroma of dark chocolate
and wild berries.

Single-Origin Brazil – made using 100% Arabica peaberries – also known as the Pearl
of Coffee – this coffee has a round, smooth flavour with notes of fudge and hazelnuts
in the long aftertaste.


For those who prefer to freshly grind their own beans at home, the range boasts a
single-origin Brazil whole bean is available in two sizes – 400g and 1kg.


The Löfbergs range will not only offer exceptional quality to customers but also
fantastic value with a price per 100g that’s going to be less than many of the
established brands in the coffee aisle.


For more information, visit lofbergs.co.uk