London-Stockholm in 24 hours by train!

May 12, 2022 by

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Photo: Erich Westendarp / Pixabay


Calling all travelers out there!

Swedish train operator SJ is launching something this fall that we all have been waiting for. How would you guys feel about taking the train from Stockholm to London, or vice versa, in just 24 hours? The service Euronight is SJ’s nighttime travel service, and the trains have different options when it comes to seating, food, and other amenities.


You can already travel from the top to the bottom of Sweden but with this new route, SJ will connect Sweden all the way to Germany. Along the 670 miles, you will be able to get off in Copenhagen as well. But the best part with the new train route is of course that it is filling the blanks between Stockholm and London. With Stockholm as your final destination, you will be able to use the route as a link to reach Sweden by train. Getting on Eurostar in London to Brussels and then keep going on a route from Brussels to Hamburg will get you from September 1st to the new Euronight option Hamburg-Stockholm, and you will be in Sweden after a good-eleven-hour-sleep.


SJ is a truly climate-friendly company since they are using totally renewable energy, which makes your trip just as good for the environment as it is for comfort and the wallet. You can book the route between Hamburg and Stockholm here, via SJ. The night train departs at 21.55 pm and arrives at Stockholm Central at 09.55 am.


OBS: SJ is animal friendly, but unfortunately not Eurostar. 

Happy travel!