LondonSwedes Crayfish Festival 2018

Sep 3, 2018 by

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Date: 31 August – 1st September 2018

Guests: 650 guests over 3 events!

Look at our VIDEO:


Thanks to our friends: Absolut for providing all our guests with snaps to dinner.


Absolut Exstrakt with a hint of cardamom was a success! ABBA (not the band!) for the different herrings we served with the crayfish. FELIX for the meatballs that were served with mashed potatoes and lingonberry. Västerbottenost for the cheese and Leksandknäcke for the crispbread. Barebells UK for the yummi Cashew Caramel bars that we served crumbled over some creamy Vanilla Icecream. Swedish Fika for delicious chocolate balls and “dammsugare” (a Swedish favourite) served after dinner.


A BIG THANKS to Scandinavian Kitchen, we can’t do this without you guys! Our popular raffle sold 1000 tickets over the weekend and we had over 40 winners.


Thanks to our sponsors for the raffle: Urbanista, Clas Ohlson UK, Sniph, Aquavit London, IKEA, Barebells UK, NOCCO UK TACK Smith’s Bar & Grill We love hosting events at your venue!