Mitt London: Konsulten och motorcykelägaren Jimi Clarke

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”The Poser” – From my dwindling Rock’n’Roll life style


Namn: Jimi Clarke
Yrke: Konsult i byggbranschen
Tid i London: Sedan 2007, i 12 år
Bor: Greenwich
Instagram: @jimi_clarke


Berätta om när och varför du flyttade till London?
I was living in Stockholm and was increasingly restless being in Sweden. So In 1998 I sold most of my stuff, packed one bag and bought a one-way boat ticket to England.

I did manage to get a place at Sheffield University to study Biomedical Science.

After Uni, following an introduction to entrepreneurship by owning a popular restaurant in Sheffield and a couple of years in Manchester writing and performing music. I moved to London to get serious about doing something with my life.


Vilken del av London bor du i och vad är det bästa med att bo där?
Currently, I live in Greenwich. I bought a house about two years ago that needed a complete renovation. Everything from floors to windows, electric wiring and plumbing. Before that, I lived in Elephant and Castle, Kennington, Crystal Palace and West Norwood. I guess I am a South East Londoner by now and even though I liked all the places I lived. Greenwich makes me feel more settled and I guess that is what I like the most. Greenwich is very green and feels a little suburban but still quite central.


Berätta lite om ditt liv som konsult.
When I moved down to London I worked at TurnKey, a very well known music shop where I sold and advised on music technology, synthesizers and music production. However, the pay was very low. But I did move to London to get serious and I had decided that I should focus my career on technology in the construction industry. I did learn a bit about Architecture and completed all single modules on computer graphics at Sheffield Uni. And within a few months, I landed my first Architectural Technician job in a small architect practice by London Bridge. After 12 years holding management and consulting positions for most of London’s major Architects. I decided that I could make a better life for my self and the construction industry by setting up my own company.

The Bike


This aspect of having the freedom and support to go after your dreams and aspirations is what I love about the UK and what I really didn’t like about Sweden. That sense of restriction (at least in the 90s) that one could and should not try to grow and prosper. London is the place to be to go after what you want. But at the price of high living cost, high paced environment and being on your own in your own race. Socialising is much more difficult in London compared to Manchester. But business is very good and my children (2 daughters 7 and 10) starting to have a life I never had and a future I could not comprehend, looking back at myself as a child in Karlstad. So, life is busy, positively stressful and very promising!


Hur ser den branschen ut, just i London? 

My sector in the construction industry, Technology and Process is very very good. The standards and best practices I have been part of developing in the UK has now become an international standard and the UK government are now investing £37 billion in the growth of UK construction nationally and internationally and I find my self right in the middle of this with the first government meeting to discuss strategy and my own funding in June 2019.


‘… and we are infiltrating the Asian culture with some solid Swedish traditions. Princess cake from Bageriet’


Hur ser en typisk dag i ditt liv ut? 
I wake up a 05:00 7 days per week doing Marketing and Admin tasks

45 min exercise before getting kids and myself ready for school, school run (or activities on weekends) and client work.


10:00 – 18:00 client visits and business meetings and technical development work.

18:00 – 21:00 commuting, spend time with kids and getting them ready for bed

21:00 – 23:00 catching up with tasks that need completing, issuing new contracts or learning new skills

23:00 Sleep


Vad gör du helst när du inte arbetar? 

I work 7 days per week. But, I don’t feel like its work. I really like what I do and as my head is in the game of long-term goals I can’t really switch off.


I have a Harley Davidson that I use for Commuting and sometimes a weekend ride, I just bought a BMW and I like to take the kids places I this car and we go on holiday a few times a year. But, I am always in the headspace of progress both for business and for the future and wellbeing and quality time with and for my daughters


”The Biker” – Rare personal time when I get to go out on a ride


Hur ser framtiden ut för dig de närmsta åren?
I am looking at scaling the business so that is the general plan. Making sure the children get a good education and completing a house extension.


Vad är det bästa med London?
I don’t even know where to start? If I leave London for a few hours I feel homesick. The London vibe resonates with me and I feel that I can be my self and do what I want to do with very little restrictions. Then that one has access to pretty much anything one want at any time is also a big plus.


The Hiker – One of my many many walking sessions I do every week.


Langa dina bästa Londontips! Vad får en turist (eller hemmahörande!) inte missa? 

For me it’s about:

Coffee – Kennington Church on Saturdays, ND Café 15-16 Triton St, Kings Cross, London NW1 3DE

Food – Asian: Green Street, Middle Eastern: Marble Arch: Take away: Lebanese Grill in Elephant and Castle and for Malaysian: Tukdin 41 Craven Rd, Bayswater, London W2 3BX

Music Black Heart Camden also for excellent for Camden Hells and Seales Rum

De-stressing – Walk in one of London’s parks. And there are too many to choose from in London. But one should visit Greenwich, Regents and Hampstead Heath to name a few