My London: Maria Maleh also known as @MariaPizzeria

Nov 9, 2020 by

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Name: Maria Maleh
Work: Founder. Art and design at Studio Palmetto
Living: Bow
Time in London: 9 years, since 2011
Instagram: @mariapizzeria


Who is Maria Maleh? 
I am a cat lover who moved to London from Sweden at the end of 2011. I studied Digital Media at Hyper Island in Karlskrona and now I work with all things creative, mainly within fashion and music. I also run my own 5 aside football team called Hamster FC, with my lovely Swedish friend Annie.



How did your London-time start?
I moved to London during my uni degree – I had a work placement planned in London. I started at a creative agency in Shoreditch for a month or so and then I moved on to the independent clothing brand Lazy Oaf, which was my dream place to work at that time. It was a very exciting time! 


What do you do for a living?
I am my own boss, I run an art direction and design studio called Palmetto. We work with all types of things that need to look good, from photography, graphic design to casting and styling. I also work part-time as a designer at Fashion Revolution which is brilliant and very insightful.


Maria and her football team

When it comes to career – what do you do in ten years?
I think my career might be not too different as I am very happy with where I am at the moment. I love being creative and working for myself and from my own space! This was what I was dreaming about 10 years ago. I just hope to be somewhere sunnier and quieter in 10 years…  


What is the hardest part about starting a life in England? 
With London, it’s definitely the pace. I think people underestimate the power of rest. It is essential to spend proper time to chill and just restore as it can be pretty intense to live here. It’s totally ok to just stay in and have a take away (I mean it’s not much else going on at the moment). 


Pick 3 things that you cannot miss while visiting London:

  1. Picknick in one of London’s lovely parks
  2. Barbican, for great exhibitions, architecture and the conservatory there is amazing. 
  3. Local shops and markets in East London


Maria runs a popular Instagram @mariapizzeria


…and something you definitely can skip?
Oxford Street for shopping. Just WHY!? Instead, experience great stuff and eat good, don’t just spend your time going shopping for things you don’t need. 


Where would you eat breakfast/lunch/fika/dinner, when dining out?
When things are less worrying I will defo have brunch at my local favourite Cafe East, fika – at my fav city farm Stepney Green’s Allotment kitchen, dinner would be at Roti King, reminds me of my parents cooking, it’s defo worth the queue. 


What is always in your fridge? 
Water in my BRITA!



Brunch at Allotment Kitchen


What is the funniest thing you have ever done in London? 
Tough one. I do love going to a cute city farm or hit a couple of balls at the golf range! I do enjoy smaller music festivals in London, Maiden Voyage was so good. But to be honest, I do really enjoy just being at home and cook some nice food. 


What is the ideal party night out in London? 
A house party with my best friends with great food and music. I also love board games! More interaction and less phones, plz. When we are able to be out, I do love a good night out at Rowans – bowling, pool tables, and great arcade! 



Your best tip for the one who is on their way to London for the first time: 
Stop comparing London to Sweden, just embrace it all with open arms. Also never be afraid to ask if there is something you don’t get and remember always be nice! AND – Take plenty of pics 🙂