My London: Aspiring actor Erik Nordebrink Pihl

May 12, 2023 by

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Erik Nordebrink Pihl works as a freelance actor and theatremaker in London. 


Name:  Erik Nordebrink Pihl
Work: Freelance actor and theatremaker
Live: Greenwich
Time in London: Coming up to 4 years


Hello Erik, tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a small-town boy (or, depending on how much of a small town we are talking about). I was born and raised in Västerås, around Mälaren in Sweden. Some of my favourite memories were made on the beaches, exploring the islands around there as well as in the fields and forests where I would go on a scooter with my friends. From sunset potlucks with friends to the serenity of blueberry picking in the Swedish forests with my grandparents, with the aim of getting enough berries for my grandma to make her delicious blueberry pie. I would like to think I channel that calmness, passion, sense of fun, and adventure in my everyday life and that those words perfectly describe me. Fun, passionate, social, adventurous, and calm.


How come you ended up in London?
I have always been very passionate about theatre and theatre-making. From the very first time I sat down in the audience to watch The Woman in Black here in London to my first experience in the wings before I was due to go on, it has been something that I have craved to do for a living. So when applications for drama school came around, London had been calling my name for ages, and by getting in, I decided that it was now or never and made the move to pursue my dreams. That is how I ended up here.


Where do you live, and what do you like most about that area?
I live on the outskirts of Greenwich. My recommendations for the community include exploring the area around Cutty Sark, the maritime museum, which you can enter for free, and Greenwich Observatory as well. If you decide you want to spend more time here, I urge you to check out some amateur theatre productions. It is super high quality for a very affordable price. A good alternative to the west end if you are on a budget.


Aaaaand…. action!


What do you do for a living?
I am lucky to say I today am a working actor and theatremaker. I am currently in the midst of rehearsing for an immersive promenade theatre that will tour around the country, and I work part-time hosting an immersive puzzle experience in central London called “Lady Chastity’s Reserve“. A perfect activity for small or big groups that are into puzzles and keen on doing some team building and seeing some amazing acting by my colleagues and me.


You are a member of our newly started LondonSwedes choir! How come you wanted to be a part of it?
I have always loved singing, and since I watched your Lucia concert last year, I knew this would be a high-quality choir driven by passion and fun. I instantly wanted to be a part of that and learn as much as I could about it.


In a commercial for Willy’s. 



Tell us about your interest in music:

Singing and storytelling through song have always been my favourite thing with music and what has drawn me to it. Obviously, growing up in Sweden, I watched a lot of Melodifestivalen and Eurovision, and I am from a family with a great passion for great musicians, singer-songwriters such as Taylor Swift and Bruce Springsteen. So naturally, I have been inspired a lot by them, and they have opened my eyes and ears up for music. As well as all the great musicals I have been fortunate to see here in London, of course. Music is such a nice way to unite, bring emotion, and get people to really listen. And that’s where my interest in music lies.


Exploring time! Erik loves to discover new places around London. 


Tell us about your favourite LondonSwedes memory!
I am very new to this group, but excited for many more events and memories to come. Especially as a part of the choir!


If you were to eat out for an entire day, where do you go for:

Breakfast/brunch: Bill’s in Greenwich.

Fika”:  L’ Eto in Soho.

Lunch: Greenwich food market, different options, great for variety. I would also recommend Camden, or Carnaby Street kingly court.

Dinner: Tokyo diners are great for dinner. Really good authentic Japanese food and puts you back in the heart of London where you got all the theatres which you can head to after you have eaten.


And away from food, what are your London favourites?
I love the West End, also walking in Richmond, Brixton, Dulwich, Hampstead, and Greenwich. For partying, I go to Soho. But my favourite part of London is the culture and how vibrant it is.


Selfie straight from the pub!


What do you miss most about Sweden?
My family and friends, and my family’s sommarstuga (country house). I miss the calm there.


…and What do you love the most about London and the UK?
I absolutely love the people I have come to know here and the jobs I get to do. I really do be living my dream at this moment.


Which is your best London memory of all time?
Probably my first time setting foot in the West End and seeing The Woman in Black, as I mentioned above. That was the moment it clicked for me that I wanted to do theatre for a living. A decision I have not regretted making since.