My London: Editor and Consultant Filippa Engvall

Aug 24, 2022 by

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Name: Filippa Engvall
Age: 25
Work: Content Producer, Editor, and Brand Consultant
Lives: Islington
Time in London: 7 years
Instagram: @filippa.e


Tell us – who is Filippa? 
I’m a 25-year-old Swede who has lived in London since 2015. I’m currently working as a content producer, editor, and brand consultant. Fashion is my jam, so London is a good place to be.


Why did you move to London? 
I first moved here to pursue studies at the University of the Arts London. I did my BA in Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion. I moved for the school, not really the city. I actually didn’t like London that much for the first two years, but luckily that changed.




What is the hardest part about having been away from Sweden for 7 years? 
I miss my family’s sausage dog Nelson so much. And the rest of my family too, of course,  my parents and my sisters. I also miss Swedish grocery stores.


Give 3 tips to someone who wishes to move to London: 
– Prepare for houses to be of varying quality. Prepare for them to be very cold in winter. So my tip is to bring your slippers!
– Expect to meet people from lots of different cultures and countries. Step out of your comfort zone and forget what you consider to be normal. Be open-minded.
– Research the city’s layout and plan your accommodation according to your work/school/friends/needs. It’s a vast city and you can spend hours traveling to places.


Where in London do you live? 

I live in Islington. Before that I lived in east London for about five years.

What is the best part about that area? 
My local high street Upper Street is lovely, Regent’s Canal is close, and so is Angel which is an area with all the shops you can think of. It’s well connected – close to central, east and north London. It’s very residential but still has a great buzz to it.


Filippa and family dog Nelson

You have lived in different places over the years, why? 
I grew up in Stockholm but moved to Cape Town in South Africa when I was 11. My parents wanted to take the family on an adventure and we stayed for about 5 years. While it was incredible in many ways, I really struggled at the time. But I’m grateful to have experienced a culture shock so early in my life. It shaped me into a curious and open person. I lived in Paris for a year when I was 16-17. And now London. I love all four cities that I’ve lived in, but Paris is very special to me. I definitely want to move back one day. And I wouldn’t say no to the “Cape Town summer” when it’s winter in Europe. But, Stockholm will always be my true home.


What is the hardest part about moving and finding good apartments in London?
The hardest part is to find something decent within budget. Standards and budgets are different for everyone, but I like to enjoy my home so I’ve always ended up paying high rent in relation to my income. Lead times here are very short – you can go for viewing and move in a matter of days. I always find the process stressful. My main advice would be to plan for temporary accommodation with friends to reduce the stress of finding a house urgently. Also, be prepared to go for a viewing at all times when looking – things move fast.



What do you do for a living? 
I’m an editor and brand consultant for a digital marketing and strategy agency called BBL/P. I also do freelance work in fashion and media.


You recently changed jobs and were at Farfetch before. Tell us about that: 
Farfetch is an incredible company and I am very proud to have kicked off my career there. It’s the world’s leading luxury fashion market place and it was dreamy to work with such brands. Lots of hard work and very challenging at times during covid, but I was there during 2 years of amazing growth, both for me and the company. I did lots of internships at uni to build my CV and get a foot in the door. And that’s something that is very cool about London – the opportunity to work for world-class companies.



What are the biggest differences between the fashion industry in the UK and in Sweden? 
I guess the industry in Sweden is more tight-knit because it’s smaller. London has a lot more opportunities and there’s more space for creativity. That said, super cool things are happening in Sweden and it’s really expanding its creative boundaries which I love to see. Socially and culturally, London is a bit more kiss on the cheeks with lots of ‘darling, sweetie, love’ and ‘xxx’ to sign emails. Some think it’s fake/shallow, but I think it makes for a fun and welcoming vibe. I dislike when people take fashion too seriously. We’re not saving lives.


Which are your favorite stores and areas for shopping in London?

– Browns in Mayfair and Shoreditch. Browns is part of the Farfetch Group, I worked for them a lot and the boutiques (and website) are a treat.
Beyond Retro in Dalston. I always find something there.
– The Conran Shop
Fortnum & Mason

– Upper Street
– King’s Road
– Marylebone High Street


A free day: how do you best spend it? 
Exercise in the morning: a walk or run in the park or a yoga class at Life Centre. Lunch at Granger & Co (Clerkenwell is my favorite). I love going to the movies, so maybe that. I like independent cinemas such as Screen on The Green or Electric Cinema. After I’d go to the pub for a pint.


Which are your favorite restaurants? 
Breakfast: Granger & Co, all locations are great but as I mentioned, Clerkenwell is my favorite.
Lunch: Ottolenghi, again all locations are great.
Dinner: Cecconi’s Mayfair, Cecconi’s Shoreditch, Chiltern Firehouse, Emilia’s Pasta in St Katharine’s Docks, Bright, St John’s, El Ganso for tapas.


Enjoying brunch @Granger & Co 


Describe the perfect night out in London: 
I like to listen to music and take my time to get ready – the perfect night starts there. After that I’d go to a bar, pub or rooftop for a drink, and finally to Soho House or Shoreditch House. Netil360 in Hackney is a rooftop with major views, Forest Road Brewing Co. is a good bar. Also look out for gigs, lots of DJs come to London and play at various venues.


What is always in your fridge? 
Avocados and Oatly!


What, in food-way, do you miss most from Sweden?
Swedish breakfast. And smorgasgurka, fil and sura and salta S 🙂