My London: Influencer and actress Fanny Klefelt

Mar 15, 2022 by

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Name: Fanny Klefelt
Age: 27
Work: Creative Manager at Acast, actor and influencer.
Live: Hornstull, Stockholm
Time in London: 2013-2017
Instagram: @tjafanny


Tell us – who is Fanny?
Hm… I’m a hard-core anglophile who’s always looking for any excuse to spend more time in London. I think most people know me as an actress (from Swedish “Portkod 1321”, among others), but I also work with podcasts and do the occasional influencing-gig on Instagram as well.


For how long did you live in London?
Between 2013 and 2017. I worked in different bars and pubs, and just enjoyed life and all that the city had to offer.


Where did you live, and what are the best parts about the area?
I lived all over really. Camden, Brixton, Peckham. But most of the time I lived by Victoria Park, in the roundabout in Victoria Park Village. It’s the best area in all of London. The whole area is, actually, the best part.


@The tube


What are the most important things to know as a newbie in London?
When people say “You alright?” they’re not really looking for an extensive review of your current mental health. I got stuck in so many weird conversations with random people because I genuinely thought they were worried about me and wanted to know all the details about my life, haha…


How come you decided to move back to Sweden?
I wanted to study and not pay for uni, haha. Ironic because I ended up dropping out of uni after a year to go study at Berghs School of Communication, which is one of the few schools in Sweden which has a fee just like the schools in England. Sigh


Give us your best tips when moving home:
I didn’t own much stuff when I lived in London so I just had a suitcase to move back over, so that part was not even hard. But I want to move back, so my best tip is simply not moving home — London is better!


Out on town


What about London do you miss the most?
The culture and the people! I know British people for some reason think they’re awkward loners, but really I find the culture much more open than anywhere I’ve ever been. And London makes me a better version of myself because of that. I’m more open to meeting new people and trying new things!


If you were to write a London guide, which places would you say you cannot miss when visiting?
Hmm… I’d say skip all the obvious places. You don’t need to see the London Eye or shop at Primark. I’d recommend Dover Street Market instead if you want to go shopping in that area.


Hmm.. obviously Victoria Park Village. Just go have a pint at one of the pubs there, or get a coffee at the Pavilion and stroll around the park. I just found a gem in Peckham as well if you’re in the other part of town: Forza Wine, at Peckham High Street.


In Peckham hunting for treasures


And if you were able to eat out for an entire weekend: where do you go?
Ah, London has changed so much since I lived there so a lot of my favorite places are gone! My best brunch place seems to be closed. But I, again, will recommend the Pavilion in Victoria Park for anything but dinner. For dinner, I’d go to Sketch in central or Laylow in W10. Possibly Mildreds for some good vegan food.


Describe the perfect night out:
I prefer bar hopping and trying new places. That’s another thing I love about London, you can always try something new. So here are a few places you could try if you haven’t been:

  • The Natural Philosopher in Hackney for some quirky cocktails.
  • Draught. They’ve got a couple of venues, I’ve only ever been to the one in Haggerston but I’m sure the other ones are great. Beer and board games which is pretty much all I want in life.
  • CLF Art Lounge in Peckham for some great rooftop vibes and food and drinks and whatever you’re after really!
  • People’s Park Tavern by Victoria Park! I haven’t been for a few years but last time I was there they had a Nintendo 64 and a mystery beer fridge on the top floor. A mystery beer fridge is a fridge where all the labels on the bottles are hidden so you don’t know what kind of beer you’ll get!
  • Crate Brewery in Hackney Wick is also really nice.
  • Zapoi in Peckham which is also nice for cocktails.


London has such amazing cocktail bars


And the optimal hangover activity is…?
Horror Escape Rooms! Went to one recently whilst having one of the worst hangovers ever, and fearing for my life because I’m hunted by a serial killer really did the trick. I did The Impossible Murder Mystery at a place called Komnata in Vauxhall. It was terrifying and brilliant.


When visiting, what areas are the best to go living in?
I’d say find a nice area a bit further out of London Central. I lived in Hackney and Peckham most of my time in London so I obviously really like it there, so that’s probably where I’d recommend you to go.


@Sketch for dinner and drinks


Do you think that you will ever move back?
Hopefully! No, definitely. At some point, I’ll have to move back. I miss it every day!