My London: Influencer Sarah Trolle

Jun 16, 2021 by

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From a field outside of Burford


Name: Sarah Trolle
Work: Digital Marketing student
Living: Notting Hill Gate
Time in London: 1,5 years (since January 2020)
Instagram: @sarahtrolle


Who is Sarah?
I am 29 years old from Falsterbo, south of Sweden, but have spent the majority of the past 10 years abroad – More specifically in London, Barcelona, some time back in Sweden, Mallorca, and then London again. If you haven’t guessed it already – I am a traveling soul who finds it difficult to truly settle anywhere, haha.


And where do you live?
I recently moved into a new flat in Notting Hill Gate/Holland Park, which also happens to be my favorite areas in the city, I could not be happier about that. However, during my 1,5 years here in “London”, I have spent most of the time in a place near Burford, out in the beautiful English countryside.


Sara in Holland Park


What’s the best part about the area?
I absolutely adore Notting Hill and Holland Park from all the cute streets with colorful buildings, small shops, cafes, and outdoor dining restaurants. A big favorite of mine is Julie’s Restaurant near Clarendon Cross, which is situated on the cutest little square surrounded by trees and boutique shops. You should also not miss a stroll on Elgin Crescent when you are in the area, with its beautiful, elegant houses, in the typical Notting Hill vibe. For a more local pub’environment, The Champion in Notting Hill Gate is another favorite, and their halloumi fries and calamari with chili and mango salsa are winning snacks combined with your preferred drink.


How come you moved out to the countryside, before going to Notting Hill?
It was actually the pandemic that brought me and my boyfriend out there. My boyfriend is a personal trainer for a private family, and with the lockdowns taking place, his clients have been based mostly in the countryside, so we basically came along for the ride, which we are very grateful for.


Elgin Crescent


What are the biggest differences between Burford and London?
Well, shortly put – nature and space. There are just so many open fields out there and absolutely stunning scenery, and instead of being surrounded by people, we have had sheep as our nearest neighbors. Think idyllic countryside vibes – that is what it is like.


How did your time in London start?
The same way as how we ended up in the countryside, due to my boyfriend getting the job here as a personal trainer. I was ready to leave the island life in Mallorca by then, so the change was welcomed by both of us.


What do you do for a living?
I am currently finalizing a course in Digital Marketing and will after this aim for a job within just that field. On the side of my studies, I enjoy spending my spare time creating content for my own personal page on Instagram, where I collaborate with fashion and beauty brands, with a focal point on lifestyle, mindset, and workout inspiration.


Where do you wish to be in 10 years?
Oh, this is a difficult question for me to answer, haha. From what we tapped into earlier, my urge to move around is still very strong, and there is a chance that there will be 1 or 2 (or 3) more moves within the next 10 years. Well, let’s say that in 10 years I wish to have settled in a place where I feel that I truly belong, working with something that truly fulfills me and that I am still as truly happy in life, and with my amazing boyfriend and dog, as I am today. Perhaps there will be a child or two in the picture.


Sarah in Burford


What is the hardest part about starting a life in England?
For me personally, even if I am grown up in Sweden, I find the climate the hardest part to get used to. But of course, I also speak from having lived many years in Spain, which might have contributed to making it more difficult for me to easily adapt. Even more so during a pandemic year, with limited traveling opportunities. I guess most of us have been in the same boat, huh?


Mention three things that you cannot miss when visiting London:
– Outdoor drinks/lunch/dining in Covent Garden
– Walking in Hyde Park
– A stroll through Notting Hill, of course


…and what you would skip?
Perhaps Piccadilly Circus? I mean, you can stop and take the classic photograph of the famous billboards, but other than that it is mostly just overly packed with people and a so-called tourist trap, in my opinion.


At ‘The Mitre’ in Holland Park Avenue


Play with the thought that you can eat out for an entire day in London. Where do you brunch/lunch/fika/dinner?
I would start by having brunch in The Marylebone kitchen in – believe it or not – Marylebone. Hint, I once had gravad lax there. After a stroll in Hyde Park to digest the food, I would go to Bluebird Chelsea for lunch (and drinks). For our beloved fika, and probably a well-needed coffee, I would go to Bageriet on 24 Rose St, followed by dinner at Sticks’n’Sushi in Covent Garden.


Your best London memory of all times?
I believe that my best London memory, or at least the one with the biggest impact, was after having left a winter/gray London in March 2020, and then returning for the first time the same year in August, to a vibrant, sunny and colorful city. I remember both me and my boyfriend walking around in awe of such drastic change and can admit to eating out way too often to make up for the past months in isolation.


Julie’s Restaurant by night


Describe the perfect night out in the city:
I am not much of a night owl when it comes to staying up til dawn, so the ideal “night out” for me would be ‘wining and dining’ in one of the many dog-friendly restaurants in London – in good company with my boyfriend, friends and, perhaps, needless to say, my wonderful dog.