My London: Marketing Consultant Linda Persson

Feb 19, 2022 by

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Name: Linda Persson
Age: 25
Work: Marketing consultant for Pinterest
Live: South Kensington
Time in London: Five months
Instagram: @lindapeee


Tell us – who is Linda?
Oh, tough start! I will try my best to keep this as short as possible by saying that, I was born and raised on an island on the west coast of Sweden (Tjörn for those of you who are familiar). I’m a fashion nerd to the greatest extent, I love a good workout session and I never say no to a night out. If I would describe myself in three words I would say social, driven, and funny.


For how long have you been in London?
I´m a complete cub, I moved here about five months ago. 



Why did you leave Sweden?
It was mainly my boyfriend’s idea, he got a job offer that he took and I’m bad at saying no. To give you a bit of a background story I knew from the beginning of our relationship that he would like to move to London, so it wasn’t a shocker when he asked on a random Tuesday afternoon if we could move our whole lives to a new country. 


Where do you live and what are your favorite things about this area?
I live in South Kensington and the best part of this area is that it is lots of great restaurants just around the corner and the buildings are beautiful. I love to grab a coffee at Hjem and stroll around in the neighborhood.  


What do you work with?
I’m a marketing consultant and I do everything from strategy to editorials. For the last couple of months, I have been busy with a huge job for Pinterest where I mainly focus on setting up and executing a marketing strategy to broaden their market in Sweden. I also work with my personal social media, but they always tend to be my last priority since I feel more passionate about the work I do for my clients. 


Home, South Ken. 


What was the hardest part about moving to the UK post Brexit? 

Haha, to get a Visa! The second hardest must be to both receive and send post and packages internationally. Since that is something I do almost every day it affects me quite a lot even though it sounds like a small problem. 


You work for yourself with content, tell us about your background within it: 

To start all the way from the beginning of my “content carrier” I studied International Marketing at university. Then I worked with marketing and pr at the Swedish fashion brand Adoore. Since the owner of Adoore did also, at that time, had a web magazine called Herhour so I would split my work week and do 50% percent at Adoore and 50% as a fashion editor at Herhour. That was a very fun part of my very early carrier and after I while I decided that I wanted to proceed within the magazine world. I then got a job at and worked my way up to be the content manager of the magazine. I developed a lot at this job and I quit just because I really wanted to move to London. So now I’m in London and working with different clients but with a full-time job at Pinterest, for now. 


You are a fashion lover – for how long has that been your passion?  

I think I was born to be a fashion lover. Ever since I was a child I have always dressed my whole family both for work and occasions. My best moments have always been when I was able to buy a certain fashion piece that I wanted for a long time. To answer the question about why this is my biggest hobby, I have to say that I have actually no idea. Since I was born and raised in the countryside with parents that don’t care about fashion at all, I honestly don’t know what that came from. So my only guess is that it was something in my blood. 


How would you describe your style? 
I would describe my style as minimalistic with a twist. I do have a very Scandinavian, minimalist style but I do like to experiment a bit with it. I also like to adapt my style to my surroundings, so that if you see me in Ibiza I will have one style and if you see me in Paris I will probably have another style. I don’t think that we should be too hard on what’s our style and what isn’t, wear whatever you feel like no matter if it’s your style or not. Sometimes it is really fun to wear a completely different style than what you usually do – you feel like another person just like that.



Where do you go for shopping in London? 

You can spend years just going through all the great shopping in London. If you want to visit a gallery I would go to Dover street market or the classic Harrods. One of my favorite boutiques is Joseph in Chelsea but I have to say that one thing that is truly outstanding here in London is the amazing vintages stores. Some of my favorites are Sellier Knightsbridge, Nordic poetry Shoreditch and Serotoni Vintage Brick Lane


What are the biggest differences in fashion between the UK(mostly London) and Sweden? 

I think it’s a variety of styles. In Sweden, almost everyone is about minimalistic fashion, which I love. But here in London, I see so many different styles and that inspires me a lot. 


Coffee @Kitsume


If you were to write a London guide, which 3 places would you say you cannot miss when visiting? 

I would take you shopping and a stroll in Chelsea and South Kensington. Soho House has just opened an interior store at Slone square that is a must to go by. After seeing the not so busy area of London for a couple of hours I would take the tube to Soho. I love the pulse in Soho and there are many great places for lunch in the area. If there still is time I would go by the Natural History Museum since it’s just one of a kind. When I’ve done these things I would definitely go and see a musical or ballet, that is something you don’t want to miss. Oh, I just realized that I mentioned more than three places.. oops my bad! 


And if you were able to eat out for an entire weekend: where do you go for breakfast/brunch/lunch/fika/dinner? 

Breakfast at: Hjem, Café Kitsune or Chiltern Firehouse

Lunch at: Granger & Co, Café Deco or Nopi

Dinner at: Hide, Daphnes, or Louie


Describe the perfect night out: 

The perfect night out starts quite early, I love to gather a bunch of girls early evening to do your makeup and hair together. Make some spicy margaritas at home and then head out for dinner and drinks. If I should throw one more nice restaurant into this interview I can highly recommend going to Cecconi’s for this kind of occupation. After a long dinner with lots of laughter, we once again gather in the bathroom (at this point the bathroom of the restaurant) and lend each other’s makeup making sure that we look on point. After that, I would probably say that we go to a nearby bar, order more margaritas and then enter the club to dance until our feet hurt. 


Strolling in Kensington 


What do you miss the most with Sweden? 

Hm, a couple of weeks ago I would say Swedish candy. But now I’m obsessed with both Candy kittens and Cadbury so that is actually not the case anymore. So right now I have to say that I miss my friends and family the most. Good sweets are most important, friends and family are in second place… 😉