My London: Swedish-Chinese comedian Evelyn Mok is back in London!

May 14, 2024 by

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 “One to Watch’ (Time Out Magazine)

“Proves herself to have an ambition, originality and wit that augurs well” (The Times)


Evelyn is back in London, this time for a Stand-up show, in Swedish, with 4 of Sweden’s funniest comedians!

If you haven’t heard about Evelyn before, you have now! Evelyn has appeared on British shows “Mock the Week” (BBC) and “Hypothetical” (DAVE) and starred in “Invandrare för Svenskar” (SVT), “Överlevarna” (SVT) and “Kurs i Självutplåning” (SVT) in her native Sweden. Evelyn Mok grew up in Hammarkullen in Gothenburg with her parents. Mok’s father is originally from Hong Kong, while her mother is Chinese-Indian.

Her podcast and YouTube channels have millions of views, and she definitely is One to Watch!


Evelyn Mok by Piccadilly Circus May 2024


Hej Evelyn, välkommen tillbaka till London! 


So, who is Evelyn Mok?


I’m a Swedish-Chinese stand-up who’s lived and worked in London for 8 years. I enjoy cooking and cycling, and I’m always on the lookout for the best croissant in town!


How did you get into comedy, and when? How has your career evolved?

I started doing stand-up in 2008 after entering a comedy competition in Sweden and have been hooked ever since. I moved to the UK in 2012, starting on the open mic circuit and with the years, I’ve managed to go from a nervous open spot doing 10-minute sets at the clubs to performing my own one-hour comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe. Nowadays, I also do some acting and script writing, which is a fun new challenge to take on.


How was your first-ever gig?

My first ever gig was in Stockholm on 15 September 2008; it was a comedy competition called Bungy Comedy; I was so nervous that as soon as I stepped on stage, I had a full-on blackout and couldn’t remember anything I said on stage. I just remember that I got laughs and


You decided to move to London in 2012, so tell us about your London experience!

I moved to London on an Erasmus exchange at Roehampton University. While here, I decided to check out the comedy scene, and as soon as I cut my teeth on the open mic circuit, I was hooked. I loved living the life of a young comic starting out in London. It was tough as London is a notoriously expensive city and as a young creative just starting out, money is scarce, but what it lacks in affordability, it makes up for in activities.


I love London’s diversity, the opportunities it offers, and the friendships it fosters. It’s a city that keeps you on your toes and offers so much to discover if you’re up for it.


She gained a place at the incredible, prestigious Pleasance’s Comedy Reserve in 2014 during the Edinburgh Fringe festival with Chris Betts, Phil Jerrod and Brennan Reece. Another career milestone for Evelyn.



If someone has 24 hours in London, what would you advise them to do? Your best tips.

You can do all the sightseeing and visit all the museums, but if you want to get a true sense of English culture, you just need to step into a Wetherspoons. I loved a good spoon when I lived here and was out on the road. Their steak club is legendary.


Who is your favourite comedian, both worldwide and in Sweden?

I really love Rory Scovel, a master improviser with an incredible funny bone. His performances just exude pure joy!

My favourite Swedish stand-ups are Jonathan Unge, who really has an inimitable delivery, and Petrina Solange, who has a delightful schadenfreude in her comedy and is probably the best stand-up in Sweden right now. She’s also going to be on our Stand-up på Svenska show in London on 18 May!


What are the main differences between Swedish and British sense of humour?

The Brits have a very cutting sarcasm to their banter, while on stage, they can be quite silly, whimsical and surreal.


Swedes are quite dark in their comedy, with a hint of irony and often balancing on the politically incorrect.


Tell us about the upcoming gig on Saturday and also what more gigs we can expect to see.


On Saturday, I’ve managed to bring four of my funniest Swedish comedian friends over to perform stand-up for Swedes in London in Swedish! This is the first show of its kind aimed to show off the incredible comedy talent we have in Sweden! Hopefully we’ll be back in autumn with another group of Swedish comics and then perform a show for you in English!


On Saturday, you can expect great laughs from the following comics!




Petrina Solange, Sweden’s funniest comedian at the moment, awarded “Female comedian of the year” several years in a row, she’s a regular on all the Swedish comedy shows and she’s also got her own stand-up special out on SVT called “Nu är jag här”.

Ato Karlsson, with over 120k followers online and multiple viral clips, Ato is an instant favourite among audiences whereever he steps on stage.

Daniel Sanchez, one of Sweden’s sharpest joke writers and satirists, Daniel has made a name for himself with his own weekly segment “Veckans D.S.” for the newspaper Dagens Nyheter. He’s also one of the writers behind the Swedish version of The Daily Show, ”Svenska Nyheter” (SVT).

You’ll also get to see rookie Donatas Kveselys, a Lithuanian who moved to Gothenburg six years ago. He delivers indulgent dark jokes with incredible charm and warmth and is sure to make you laugh yourself out of your comfort zone!



Evelyn Mok – BBC World Service, Art’s Hour – The New Year’s International Comedy Show