My London: Assistant housekeeper Jonathan Ferding

Apr 11, 2022 by

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Name: Jonathan Ferding
Age: 24
Work: Assistant housekeeper at the Swedish Church
Live: Marylebone
Time in London: 1 year and 6 months.
Instagram: @Jonathan_Ferding


Tell us – who is Jonathan?
I have a big interest in food and drinks, but sports in general and football, in particular, make my heart beat faster (both from enjoyment and stress). I am running my first half marathon later this spring, so I spend a lot of time either running or reading about running.


Why, and when, did you move to London?
The first time I moved to London was in August 2019, I knew it was for a short-term (four months) job opportunity as a youth volunteer at the Swedish church. But, in December 2021 I once again had the opportunity to join as a youth volunteer at the church, this time with a deal that was for a year. After 10 months both I and the church wanted me to stay longer than a year so we signed a full-time contract, which made me extremely happy. Like, both being able to stay and work with the church and stay in London.


And what do you do at work? 
Now I work as an assistant housekeeper at the Swedish church in London. This means that I spend most of my days in the kitchen, either baking or cooking. Last year I made over 10 000 cinnamon buns… Swedes just love it! Haha.


Working in St. Pauls Cathedral 


What does faith mean to you?
Faith is something personal and it looks different for everyone. I don’t think you could do wrong or right on this one, you just need to find something you believe in, and if that’s what makes you happy you should stick with it. I am proud of working at a church where we welcome everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are now or what your background is – there is always space for you at the Swedish church in London.


Where do you live?
I live in Marylebone.


Do you have any “smultronställen” in the area?
If you fancy a really good Flat White you should visit The Monocle café on Chiltern St.


What are the biggest differences between Sweden and the UK?
I am not sure if this is a thing for the entire UK or just a London thing, but everyone (myself included) seems to think it is 100% normal to travel 45 mins to see your friends on a normal Monday. It is not really like that in Sweden, with the large distances.


What do you miss the most?
I grew up on an island outside Karlskrona and have always had Östersjön around the corner, so I really miss the smell from the ocean and being able to walk 5 mins and be on the beach.



A free day: how do you best spend it?
It starts slowly with no stressing out of bed, most likely out for a run before lunch. Back home I would eat avocado toast – 9/10 times, that’s what I almost always do for lunch on days off! I spend the afternoon at home catching up on series or tv programs and waiting for my boyfriend to end his workday so we can spend the evening together.

I will probably try a new recipe on him together with a good bottle of wine or a few beers. When I have a free day I prefer not to plan the day, but I am always up to do anything and could always be ready to leave my place in 25 minutes if something fun is coming up.


What is always in your fridge?
Pickled red onion & Champagne.


Dancing the night away with friends. 


Which are your favorite restaurants?
Breakfast: Redemtions Roasters
Lunch: Padella Pasta
Dinner: Blanchette 


Describe the perfect night out in London:
It would probably start with a few drinks at my local pub and then move on to Black Book in Soho. A quick stop at G-A-Y to pick up free entry wristbands to Heaven, and then dance the night away there. Preferably this would happen mid-week so the queue to Heaven isn’t too bad and they’re hosting their amateur drag show competitions.