Is now the moment to move to London?

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Is now the moment to move to London

Many who had been considering relocating to London may have been dissuaded by the UK’s decision to voluntarily leave the EU. The decision shocked London which resoundingly voted against parting ways with the EU. However whilst the waters may have been clouded, many EU citizens make their way to the UK each month, Swedish nationals included. Here are just a few of the main motivations.


London boasts some of the best museums and galleries globally. In total it houses in excess of 850 galleries and 170 museums, 11 of which hold national museums accreditation.

Annually London promotes 17,000 concerts and music performances in a host of venues. If concerts aren’t enough then you will be pleased to learn that London also presents 250 music festivals per year catering for all tastes.

If history is your thing then London delivers obligingly. Keys landmarks include The Tower of London, The banks of England, Parliament, Westminster abbey, St Margaret’s church and Shakespeare’s globe.

Job opportunity

The US often labels itself as ‘the land of opportunity’ however, potentially this should be reserved for London. With a host of roles available in the services industry, the right candidate shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding work. Especially with the addition of speaking more than one language.

This is further demonstrated with low unemployment levels, which currently sit around 5.8% the lowest in 8 years.

Diverse and Cosmopolitan society

In total 300 languages are spoken in London making it a capital with real individuality and personality. With a complete melting pot of individuals living in the city, diversity is portrayed in not just the languages spoken but also entertainment found here. Offering a host of Bars clubs and restaurants people can select whether they wish to pass time in the quintessential west end or trendy Shoreditch. All tastes are easily catered for.

London against Brexit

On the 23rd of June, young Londoners were rocked by the outcome of the EU referendum which marked the first steps toward the UK’s departure from the European Union. In the 33 London boroughs voted ranged from 59.95 – 70% all in favour of remain demonstrating the open minded nature of the city. Many polls now appear to show these figures could have been even more supported had it not been for intangible promises offered by the opposing parties who promoted leaving the EU.

Weak pound means your money could go further

Since the UK’s decision to part ways with the EU the Pound has weakened significantly against the vast majority of currencies. Meaning the currency you will be exchanging into pound to fund your relocation will go a lot further.

The day before Brexit the SEK to GBP rate was settled at 0.0824 meaning 5000GBP would cost you 60,679 SEK. Your move from Sweden will now cost you around 9% less purely on currency fluctuation.

The Pound enjoyed a brief rally against many of the major currencies following its official trigger of article 50.

The SEK to GBP rate is still sitting around 0.888 and remained relatively less affected when compared to some currencies.

GBP is now enjoying some success, particularly against the Euro. Many interpreting the UK’s departure from the EU as more detrimental to Europe than the UK.  This being said many still believe the pound resistance will falter when negotiations with the EU begin and plans and terms begin to be rejected.

Although many may question whether this will be enough to entice people, the general feeling is that London will not change overnight and people will not leave due to the decisions of others. The feeling within the overseas community has calmed following Theresa May’s admission that EU citizens ‘contribute to our society’ and that she backed their rights to remain in the UK.

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