Press Release: LondonSwedes’ Crayfish Festival

Aug 28, 2019 by

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Press Release 28.08.19

LondonSwedes’ Crayfish Festival 2019

LondonSwedes is back for the eight-year in a row hosting the biggest traditional Swedish “Kräftskiva” (crayfish party) in London!


During 6 weeks every year, Swedes celebrate the crayfish season by eating loads of crayfish, drinking schnapps and singing songs! It’s a bit like an extension of our Midsummer celebrations, minus the Maypole!


(14th September, 2019,  London)


Swedish community and events company LondonSwedes will be hosting their annual Crayfish Festival at Smith’s Bar and Grill in Paddington, West London. Smith’s Bar & Grill is a British & modern European inspired eatery in the heart of Paddington. The spacious, daylight-filled venue with a gorgeous year-round terrace overlooks the beautiful Grand Union Canal.


The History

Due to cold and long winters, Swedes harvests could be limited to short periods and so the importance of seasonal products in Swedish cuisine has been highlighted and celebrated in our traditions long before it was fashionable. In 1907, strict limitations were placed on when crayfish could be harvested, normally for a month starting from the first Wednesday in August, known as ‘Kräftpremiären’ – the crayfish premier. The event itself is called Kräftskiva. 


The Tradition

The general set up for Crayfish parties are big tables outside, decorated with paper lanterns and candles, were the guests wears essential accessories such as traditional paper hats and bibs. Big plates of dill-scented boiled crayfish are laid out, accompanied by crisp bread, butter and a selection of sides and cheese. Drinking songs or ‘snapsvisor’, are sung during the course of the meal which is, of course, finished off with spiced and herb flavored snaps!


The Crayfish Party

The event kicks off with everyone receiving a kit with the essentials for a Crayfish party: The hat, bibs, and songbooks. Face painters will put some sparkle on the guests and raffle tickets will be able to buy throughout the event. 


Food is served an hour into the event and everyone will be treated to a starter consisting of a traditional Swedish plate: meatballs, mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam from FELIX. As a main, a delicious tasty buffet of crayfish will be served. Several kinds of herring from Swedish brand ABBA along sides such as creamy potato salad, Västerbotten cheese, shrimp salad, beetroot salad and different kinds of bread will be served. 


To start of the tradition of singing Snaps-songs, everyone will be given a shot of Åhus Akvavit and a hostess will lead the singing. The singing continues into the night and at the end of the event, a raffle draw will take place leaving several guests with exciting prizes. Drinks will be available to buy in the Swedish inspired bar during the event. Many fun surprises are on the schedule for the day!



Saturday 14th September

LUNCH 1 pm – 5 pm

DINNER 7 pm-Midnight



Early Bird £28

Original £35

Kids 0 – 3 FREE

Kids 3 – 15 y £15

Kids are only allowed during the day on Saturday, but it’s not a kids event, just kids friendly.


Tickets: is the largest website for the Swedish and Scandinavian community in London and the UK. Since 2003, over 50 000 members have joined and the website currently has over 25 000 unique monthly visitors. The objective of LondonSwedes is to be the premier resource for Swedes and Scandinavians coming to the UK, either as tourists, students, or working professionals.


For more information please contact:

Charlotte Ågren

Founder & CEO  

+44 7530 4130 64