Meet Londonswedes Alma and Sara, owners and founders of Honest Aesthetics – a new aesthetic medical clinic in London!

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Londonswedes Alma Högfeldt and Sara Flod started their own business, Honest Aesthetics, at the beginning of 2022. In an interview with us, they tell us all about their business idea, their interest in beauty and how they want to evolve the industry in the UK.



Tell us about you – who are you guys?
We are Alma, 28, and Sara, 31. Two very good friends that decided to start a business journey together.  We are both originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, and that’s also where we met many years ago.


How come you moved to London?
Alma moved to London 6 years ago, quite spontaneously as one of her friends was going back to Sweden for the summer and asked if she wanted to take her room in the flat share. Just one week later Alma jumped on a plane to London!


Sara started her London life by going there for an internship at a hospital in the spring of 2019, which turned into a job offer that made her move to London permanently later that same year.


We both always dreamed about living in a vibrant diverse big city with endless opportunities.


Where do you live and why did you choose that area?
We live 10 minutes apart in Kensington and Notting Hill and have spent the majority of our years here. We love it as it’s a very calm yet vibrant environment but at the same time close to all the amenities needed such as shops, restaurants and travel connections to other areas.


Tell us about Honest Aesthetics – what do you do?
Honest Aesthetics is (for now) a traveling aesthetic medical clinic! With our high ethical standards and previous experience in medicine and aesthetic beauty we decided to bring something a bit different to the market – away from Harley Street. The brand spirit has a holistic approach and stems in honesty and transparency. We want to enhance natural beauty and put the client first. We look at every individual’s needs and treat them accordingly, rather than just making a profit like many other practitioners do.



What did you work with before you started Honest Aesthetics?
Sara has been working as a junior doctor in surgery in one of London’s busiest hospitals since 2019 when she graduated from medical school. She is now working in plastic surgery which is what she always wanted to specialise in. Outside of her normal work duties she also studies a part time master’s degree in Surgical Innovation at Imperial College.


Alma has a versatile background in business, arts, branding, operations and marketing. Passionate about these topics she’s a visionary that loves to create. She used to work for an aesthetic doctor in Harley Street as a clinic manager. Outside of working with Honest Aesthetics she also works in events where music, art and culture come together.


Why are you guys so into beauty? 
We both had an interest in beauty for as long as we can remember, from makeup to various treatments. As Sara is a doctor and Alma had previous aesthetic clinical knowledge it was natural for us to combine our talents and ambitions.


What are the differences between the beauty business in Sweden and in the UK?
Sweden is very strict and you have to be a doctor or a nurse to perform injectables whereas this type of business is called the wild west in England as there are no regulations on who can perform or buy. There’s been talk about this changing but when, it is not yet to be set which we find ludicrous. Being Swedish, we think that having a professional performing medical cosmetic procedures is a must and our strict heritage is probably also where our ethical way of thinking stems from.


Alma has a background from Harley Street, where she worked as a clinic manager for an aesthetic doctor.


How come you wanted to start your own company?
We both just felt like the time was right. We wanted to have our own company as it’s been a lifelong plan for both of us. We love to be our own bosses and manage our own time (and future).


What were the hardest parts in setting up the business in the UK?
Keeping the business alive, managing all the different areas as a two women show and knowing all the regulations such as insurance etc, for your type of business is the most important and tricky part but we found all the information we need on the website. Research is key!


What was the easiest?
Coming up with the business plan together as we share the same vision, work ethic and values! Alma has for many years worked with different projects and is therefore an ace in project planning and has previously worked in business development. As a teen, she did accounting for her families company which has proved extremely useful when starting a new business.


Before and after dermal fillers. 


Where did you find the information on how to start a company since the rules have changed a bit since 2020?
So, for a European citizen to set up a business the laws have changed after Brexit. As we have permanent settled status, we are treated as UK citizens so therefore the process of setting up the business is quite easy. We read up on tax regulations as these differ depending on how much your company earns. We also consulted business owners we know in the UK. Always remember – Google is your best friend!


Is there something you wish you had known before?
We learn a bit as we go, even if we have a lot of previous experience. We for example had a marketing mishap regarding what’s allowed to market within aesthetic medicine and we just had to start from scratch and re-do a couple of flyers, no harm done. We try to take things lightly and embrace the learning process, which sometimes can be difficult as we both are perfectionists but as with any new business – you can’t know it all.  It’s for sure a balance between all the different components but we only look forward to the future and to continue to evolve.


Do you think it would have been easier to do it in Sweden?
For us – no. For someone else perhaps. We have a very broad contact network in England, which we don’t have to the same extent in Sweden and for a business like this, word of mouth is vital.


What are your goals with the business and where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years time, we hopefully have more than one physical clinic, ideally 3, spread out over London and England. Perhaps internationally as well. In the future, we also want to offer our clients surgical procedures once Sara has finished her training in plastic surgery.


Sara has a background within surgery as a junior doctor and is currently working towards becoming a specialist in plastic surgery.


How do you work to be unique?
As you don’t need to be a doctor in the UK to do injectables, we offer this – which is much safer and at a good price point, while being transparent and honest with our clients. We are looking for a marathon, not a sprint and we want our clients to feel that they can trust us for years to come. Being a doctor, Sara is well aware of the risks that are associated with injectables and has the competence to manage them if they occur. We work hard to manage realistic expectations and always put patients and their opinion first while being medically informative, as you should always feel safe and comfortable with your practitioner.


When you are not working with Honest Aesthetics, what do you like to do?
We are quite outgoing and love going out, wine, dine, take long walks, experience new things and travel as well as spending time with our loved ones.


Which ones are your London favourites that cannot be missed in the city?
We love that there are endless choices of art galleries, museums, food markets and restaurants.

A great gallery is 180 the strand, that usually has different cool exhibitions. Located just 2 minutes away is the restaurant Spring Ldn, which serves a sustainable, affordable 3 course scratch menu between 17:30-18:30 everyday!



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