The Secrets to Successful dating for Swedes in London

May 20, 2016 by

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Dating in London
Dating in London

Written by: Antonia Karyne Ansgariusson for InnerCircle and LondonSwedes.


As a non-Brit (Swede) in London my initial less than large social circles was a clear incentive to jump into the dating pool. was obviously the first step. Well, at least the of the milennials – Tinder.

Since then I’ve exhausted platform after platform like a kolibri flying from flower to flower to find their soulmate nectar. In a very non-desperate way of course…


So, if you’re new to the dating scene in London, or simply want reach absolute efficiency + maximum effectiveness, please read ahead for my top three vital considerations:


1 . Location

Ie. Find the platform where your type of Guy / Gal hangs out. Or, at least your type for the night.


I’m not sure about you, but my idea of a fun first date is not initiated by having to Google what “DTF” means, or, trying to come up with a clever enough response to an awkward pick-up line (so it at least it would have potential to make it on to the “TinderNightmares” instagram page) but I quickly got sick of the arm pain that was caused by aggressive left-swiping on Tinder, and moved on to Happn. Great  as it felt at first, it did feel like the Tinder people I was avoiding soon came along. My date outcomes felt more like a roulette round than a calculated game of poker. Where are those gorgeous, Clooney-smiled people hiding? That’s when The Inner Circle caught my attention.


  1. Location

Ie. Make sure you  as a Westerner don’t accidentally match with someone who lives in Stratford, or the other way around.


London is massive. Dating people who neither work nor live within a 30 min uber from you? Ain’t nobody got time for that… The location-feature of any dating app is therefore crucial. While Happn measures people you have crossed paths with, at my latest hangout – The Inner Circle – you can also simply search by people nearby (which is very convenient when you want to grab a cheeky After Work drink on 15 min notice – I would know).


  1. Location

Ie. Keep your dating life active while you are out exploring the world.


Recently I tried the travel function – put in your upcoming travels and connect with people who have been or will be there. Or… just surf into the site of the city you are going to and start checking out people there… The Inner Circle currently exists in 14 cities including New York, Amsterdam and Stockholm. And the best part? For those who easily tire of digital chatting, IC organizes IRL events (I know, Old school right?) in amazing party venues around the world.


The Inner Circle is the place where you don’t have to spend time making the first cut as all members are individually screened. Swiping is only one out of several screens you can choose between while date-browsing IC – you can also sort by proximity, newest members and even their suggested first date activity. Have I found my Prince Charming yet? Nah. Is it worth a try for the possibility of find your soulmate (for a night?) Most certainly.


Sign up using this exclusive link for LondonSwedes and you will get 1 month’s free access:

Happy dating!


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Pictures from Inner Circle’s events in Stockholm. Try it in London with our code for a free month.