Sponsored Video: Rekorderlig offers lessons in “Swedishness”

Sep 4, 2012 by

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Look here all wannabe Swedes!

Swedish premium cider Rekorderlig is a brand we are proud to say “That´s Swedish!” when seen in a bar outside of Sweden. Along with companies like IKEA, Skype and of course our traditional food “Smörgåsbord” it has become one of the brands that truly represent Swedishness.

And now, you and everyone else can learn how to be Swedish.

Rekorderlig has created a school where peoples “inner Swedishness “ is brough out, they offer people the “essential techniques that are inherent” to every Swede. The school was created for our friends in the UK and the rest of the world that was not fortunate enough to have been born with quite the same…ehm qualities as us.

Olof, the founder of the school and his fellow teachers help a group of British students master the Swedish sport of kubb, the Swedish language and of course how to be naturally groomed.  In one of the videos Olof is showing what it means to be an ice man by dipping his head into a barrel filled with ice and water.  We at LondonSwedes feel we should share this video with the rest of the world in order to make it… a little more beautiful.

Thats right, more Beautiful Swedishness to the people.

This video is the first in a series of Becoming Beautifully Swedish. Watch and learn….and don´t forget to share with your friends!

This post has been sponsored by Rekorderlig cider