Swedish House Mafia X IKEA

Jun 7, 2022 by

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Last fall, the Swedish giant IKEA announced that they were in for a design collaboration with the successful DJ-band Swedish House Mafia. It is a collection including everything for the home-music-pro, whom has endlessly creativity but limited funds.


Swedish House Mafia is putting their own touch to the classic bag “FRAKTA”. Photo: Ikea.com


There will be over 20 different pieces, including furniture, interior design solutions and accessories for the upcoming music producer. The design is specifically made to be suitable for creating, listening and produce music at home. Some of the products will be shown on the IKEA Festival, which takes place in Milano between the 7th and the 10th of June.


And now, in line with the festival, IKEA has revealed the first products from the collaboration. It is a re-make of the classic bag ”FRAKTA”, which is an iconic IKEA piece that probably everyone has held at least once. Swedish House Mafia has now put their own touch to it. With a black design, the DJ-trio has created three different bags, all inspired by the needs you have as a musician when you are on the run.



The iconic bag “FRAKTA”. Photo: Ikea.com


A sneak peak of the Swedish House Mafia bags. Photo: Ikea.com


A sneak peak of the Swedish House Mafia bags. Photo: Ikea.com


”It has been a dream for the guys to make a ”FRAKTA”, but they wanted to add something new to it”, says Friso Wiersma, in-house designer, IKEA of Sweden. 


The bag collection includes one bag for cables, chords and other accessories. Also, there are one bag for laptops and one for vinyl records. 


The whole collection will be realesed for purchase in the autumn of 2022.