Swedish Midsummer Celebrations in London 2024 – Midsommar

May 29, 2024 by

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Hyde Park, Midsommar Lunch or a Midsommar Night-themed party in the evening… Swedish Midsommar is celebrated all over London; here are some things we can recommend.

HYDE PARK (Marble Arch) Saturday, June 22, from 1 pm – late
(*No organiser, not a ticketed event, please read below)


The Swedish Community in London has embraced the annual Midsummer gathering in Hyde Park as a cherished tradition. Friends and fellow Swedes come together with picnic spreads and drinks to revel in the festivities of Midsommar, complete with joyful dancing organised by happy volunteers. It’s often celebrated on the Saturday in London, Midsummer’s Day, but Midsummer, according to the tradition, is celebrated on Fridays in Sweden.
The “flashmob picnic” is not an organised or ticketed event but a vibrant and lively meet-up amongst the Swedish community that offers an opportunity to share our traditions with the broader London community and friends.
It’s a meet-up worth experiencing if you happen to be in London during Midsummer #smågrodorna
However, when the sun sets, the tradition continues long into the night, with drinks, dancing and performances at a venue in central London hosted by LondonSwedes. Tickets can be found on the ticket link below.
*Since this gathering is not formally organized, we kindly ask that you take your trash with you when departing and adhere to the park’s regulations. Thank you for your cooperation.


LondonSwedes’ ticketed events 2024




MIDSOMMAR DINNER at Ekstedt at The Yard, June 21,  6:30 PM – 10:30 PM

Ekstedt at The Yard is a culinary haven that seamlessly blends Nordic charm with contemporary gastronomy. Rooted in Michelin-starred Chef Niklas Ekstedt’s innovative Nordic cooking philosophy, the restaurant emphasizes open-fire cooking techniques, highlighting the primal connection between food and flame.

Due to high demand, we are excited to say that we will co-host the dinner on Midsummer’s Eve with the team at Ekstedt.

Step into the enchanting world of Midsummer with delicious food, drinks and entertainment during this dinner with LondonSwedes & friends!



MIDSOMMAR LUNCH at Ekstedt at The Yard, June 22,  12:30 PM – 4:30 PM

We will start Midsummer’s Day with a long and exclusive lunch at the Michelin-starred Chef Niklas Ekstedt’s restaurant by the Great Scotland Yard Hotel!
Step into the enchanting world of Midsummer with delicious food, drinks and entertainment during this long lunch with LondonSwedes & friends!


Images: LondonSwedes Events