We tried Swedish pizza in London – Three Crowns Pizzeria

Jun 6, 2022 by

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Charlotte & Sara

We tried Swedish pizza in London

If there is one thing that our community have craved,  Swedish pizza must be number one on the list. It was about time that someone took the business opportunity in front of us all – and opened a Swedish pizzeria.

We first heard about Three Crowns Pizzeria through friends living in the area. Three Crowns is located just a minute walk from the Overground station Brondesbury Park. Wherever you are located in London, it’s worth the travel.

We arrived hungry and ordered his no 1 best seller – the Swedish kebabpizza!

Some Swedes might even say that Kebabpizza is now a part of our traditional Husmanskost, together with dishes such as Swedish meatballs and “pyttipanna”!

We also decided to try the banana, pineapple and curry pizza (called Princessa on the menu) more known as Africana or Tropicana in Sweden. We also tried the Calzone with vegan cheese. It was the food feast we’ve been longing for!

We have explained what “Swedish pizza” actually is further down in this article.


All images by @katrinejungphotography



Three Crown Pizzeria, NW66RN

Three Crowns Pizzeria is founded by this lovely man – Rudi. Originally from Lebanon, but born in Africa, he moved to Sweden when he was young and stayed for over 25 years before moving to London in 2009. For over 17 years he was running a pizzeria in Fagersta so his skills to make Swedish pizza are perfected and we can promise you that the pizzas taste just like home. Three Crowns Pizzeria opened in January 2022.


College Parade, 16 Salsbury Road, London NW6 6RN

Closest overground station: Brondesbury Park 



So what is so special with “Swedish pizza”?

Perhaps owing partially to the fact that pizza became popular in Sweden in the ‘70s, Swedish pizzas are topped with exotic and bizarre combinations of ingredients from across the globe. It’s all about the dough, the toppings and the sauces. We also are obsessed with Swedish pizza salad….


Africana: Perhaps the most infamous of Swedish pizzas, what is often called the Africana, includes bananas, curry powder, pineapple or peanuts and chicken or ham.


Meatballs: Of course, Swedish meatballs need to be a pizza topping – this makes total sense. In Sweden, meatball pizzas are often served with béarnaise sauce. Would eat.


Pizza Salad: Every pizza in Sweden is served with pizzasallad, a tangy coleslaw salad with red pepper that looks very similar to coleslaw. Some people eat it as a side, others eat it on top of the pizza.


Gräddost: Instead of mozzarella, Swedish pizzas are often topped with gräddost. A nutty Swedish cream cheese made from cow’s milk.

Kebabpizza: Topped with doner kebab, pepperoncini and kebab sauce. This popular pizza is sometimes crowned with fresh lettuce and French fries after baking for the true kebab experience.

Frutti di Mare: This seafood pizza is topped with tuna, shrimp, and mussels.