The most reliable removal service I have come across

Oct 5, 2012 by

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I was a Swede in Need and I’m happy to have found Swedish Man & Van!

Everyone dreads the day they have to move out of an apartment and over to a new one. At the beginning of the pack up I found myself staring at all that I owned.
I was certain I could get these belongings in to two reasonably sized boxes and I’d be able to easily fit them into my boyfriends car. I believed that without even breaking into a sweat we’d have it all unpacked an hour later in my new apartment… This was wishful thinking

I, like , I’m sure many of you have experienced, the two “reasonably sized boxes” turned into six huge back breaking boulders. Additionally, once everything had been packed away there was a mountain of belongings I didn’t even know I had ever owned.

Having realised I couldn’t fit a single box into the car, the stark reality set in that I had totally underestimated the job at hand. My initial thoughts were words that should never be published. Upon gathering myself I thought where is my man with a van?

Frantically trawling through Google looking for a hero that could save me from this nightmare I somehow stumbled upon Swedish Man & Van. This couldn’t possibly be so.

I called the number listed and was expected to be greeted with a conclusive “No, sorry. I need at least 24 / 48 hours notice”. This happened to be quite the opposite, I was greeted with a warm “Hello” and “Yes, of course I am on my way as soon as I’m available”

Reassurance that everything would be dealt with was a massive understatement! Realising that I would be needing more help in the future I knew immediately Andreas ( Swedish Man & Van ) would be able to help me. Not only is he a gentlemen but you will be hard pushed to find a stronger more reliable person to deal with.

I recommend Andreas warmly.



Charlotte Ågren