The Swedish Avicii biography “Tim” audio recorded by Nikolas Salmon

Mar 10, 2022 by

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Avicii, one of Sweden’s biggest DJs and artists of all time, totally knocked the world with his hit “Levels” in 2011. After that followed a career with fame, uncountable concerts and a lot of fantastic music which people all around the world has danced and been partying too. That, until he stopped touring in 2016. In April 2018 the world got the tragic news that Avicii, Tim Bergling, had committed suicide after a time of mental illness at the age of 28. 




At the end of last year, the investigative Swedish journalist Måns Mosesson released the book “Tim”, a story about his life and musical career. But the book is also a story about the person, Tim Bergling. By talking with his friends, family, and colleagues Måns managed to get close to the artist and create a beautiful yet heartbreaking biography about a guy whose life ended way too early.



The book has been translated, and on the 4th of January, it was the Book of the day in The Guardian. In November last year, it came out as an audiobook in English and we are proud to say that Nikolas Salmon, one of us LondonSwedes, has been doing the voice of the biography.


We interviewed him for a My London article. Read it here