Vi ger bort biljetter till HOFFMAESTRO!

Nov 22, 2011 by

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TÄVLINGEN AVSLUTAD Vi har kommit över 10 biljetter till HOFFMAESTRO på 02 Academy i Islington nästa fredag den 2 December!
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Vi ses där!


Swedish phenomenon Hoffmaestro make their UK debut at London’s O2 Academy Islington on Friday 2nd December.

Emerging from Stockholm’s competitive youth club scene in the mid-Nineties, the 11-strong band blend together a wide variety of influences to form a unique sound they call ‘skank-a-tronic-punkadelica’ – a dynamic mix which allows them to move easily between musical styles as diverse as ska, reggae, techno, punk and country.

Refusing to be limited creatively by the pigeonhole of a single genre, Hoffmaestro follow a musical philosophy of doing what feels right to the band at the time. And so far, their instincts have been proved correct, their single, Highwayman, selling five times platinum and becoming the second most popular track on Spotify in Europe.

However, it’s in live performance that the band really shine. No one gets a crowd going like Hoffmaestro, as the explosion of energy generated by the seemingly organised chaos onstage makes it impossible for the audience to resist joining in. (Watch their performance of Highwayman here: )

Their persistent touring and irresistible shows have made them one of the most in-demand bands in Sweden, where they attract average audiences of 10,000. More than 34,000 fans gathered when they opened the Fantasia stage at 2010’s Peace & Love Festival and the same year, they also equalled Bob Marley’s 1980 record-breaking audience at Stockholm’s Gröna Lund amusement park.

Following the late-2010 release of their latest album Skank-a-tronic-punkadelica on the band’s own label, Chraamofon, this year Hoffmaestro have made appearances at several major festivals in Scandinavia and Germany, including the prestigious headline slot on the final day of Denmark’s Roskilde Festival. A recent show at Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival (similar to London’s Camden Crawl) led the local Morgenpost newspaper to single them out as “stars of tomorrow”.

Having conquered their homeland, Hoffmaestro now have the rest of the world in their sights. Resistance will be futile…

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