Do you want to be LondonSwedes’ Lucia 2016?

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Nominate LondonSwedes’ Lucia 2016!



For the second year in a row, LondonSwedes will be hosting our own Lucia choir – this year in the absolutely extraordinary venue Asylum in Peckham, south London. This old chapel is popular for beautiful winter weddings and concerts. Over four days we will celebrate this magical Scandinavian tradition, which alongside Midsummer, represents one Sweden’s most iconic cultural traditions, with its clear reference to life in the old peasant communities: darkness and light, cold and warmth.

Lucia is an ancient mythical figure with an abiding role as a bearer of light in the dark Swedish winters.

Tickets and more information about the event can be found here Swedish Lucia Nights.


The tradition with holding a Lucia competition

In Sweden it has always been a tradition to compete for the Lucia title. Staunchly opposed to privilege, Sweden has always sought to avoid ranking people, which is why beauty contests and ‘homecoming queen’ events are rare. The Lucia celebration, however, has been the exception, and competition for the role of Lucia is often high. Each year, every town and village worth the name selects its own Lucia. Local newspaper subscribers are invited to vote for one of the candidates, who are presented in local newspapers a couple of weeks in advance. A national Lucia is also selected annually, with the winner proclaimed in one of the major TV channels (


Our competition 

Tell us about your nominated friend, why she is your friend or why she would stand out as  Lucia – or just tell us something fun about yourself!

Just send us and e-mail with a photo and a bit about yourself or your nominated friend to:



You need to be available to be a part of the Lucia Shows on the show dates.

There are however no requirements regarding age, gender or size. Everyone is welcome to apply! We will choose 10 finalists on the 11th November that we will do a “My London” interview with published during the following week. The final decision is taken by LondonSwedes on 27th November.


1-2nd Prize

To wear the Lucia crown and be the official Lucia on LondonSwedes Lucia Nights 2016. We will pick two Lucia’s that will perform on days each.

The prize includes styling  + a photoshoot at the venue and a Swedish Christmas dinner for two.


3rd Prize

A Swedish Christmas dinner for two (more info to come)





Want to sing in the choir?

We are also looking for an extra 10 singers to join the choir. PAID! You will have to be available on the following dates:


Rehearsals: evenings of 28, 29 November & 5, 6 December.

Shows: 11-14th December


If you need to miss one rehearsal that is OK, but just let us know in advance. The choir will be provided with gowns, candles and other essential accessories. Food and drinks will be available during the show dates for the choir.
Apply to

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