We are launching a co-working space!

Mar 1, 2019 by

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Dreams do come true!


We got the opportunity to open a little loft that will also be LondonSwedes HQ from now on. At our loft we will have 10 seats for other workers who are either freelancers or self employed/small business owners. We would like to welcome you to The Moose Loft!


Our Vision: We are launching a co-working loft to be shared by a bunch of creative Swedes. It will consist of a mix of professionals selected from different industries to join as one entity, a collective of Moose members. With the size and capabilities of our online community we are aiming to navigate our selected members to new opportunities that will allow their businesses to prosper and grow. It is important for us at LondonSwedes to recognise and promote talented Swedes, and through The Moose Loft, which is the first in a series of new up-and-coming ventures, we will be doing just so! Everyone is welcome to apply!


?Location:  Within the venue London Calling Sweden in Bermondsey. You can read more about the venue on the link.


?Memberships: We offer three types of membership – hot desks, dedicated desk or to be a Moose Muse. You can read more about the Moose Loft membership options here!


?Some key members we are hoping to attract:  Anyone! Creative content writers, Social media gurus, WordPress developers, Graphic designers, Photographers and many more. If you want to be a apart of The Moose Loft – apply!


Events: We aim to host events each month both for our Moose Loft community but also for the LondonSwedes Community. Here are some of the events we have in mind:


  • Gigs (we have applied for Sofar sounds!)

  • Pub quiz

  • Movie Nights

  • Screenings of football games, Eurovision etc

  • Books clubs

  • After works

  • Seminars/Speakers

  • Yoga events

  • Flea market (Loppmarknad)

  • Corporate events

  • Christmas market

  • Swedish julbord


Visit us The Moose Loft


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