Where to buy London’s best semla 2022!

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Photo: From @assarsson on Twitter


It is finally time again! Yes, of course, we are talking about Shrove Tuesday, or Fettisdagen as you would say in Sweden. Every year, and always on a Tuesday of course, the Swedes has been celebrating and that is since way back.  Fettisdagen is traditionally the Swedish beginning of the 40 days long Lent, where you would stuff yourself with a whole bunch of calories to survive what is ahead.


Although Lent is not that established these days Swedes still love to enjoy a Semla this time a year, and why wouldn’t we? The pastry is just perfect with its cut cardamon bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream. Which is why we are thrilled that Semlan has made its way to London, because how would we survive this day otherwise?


The official day of Shrove Tuesday is this year the 1st of Mars Here is where to find heaven in London this year:


Peanut butter & jelly semla amongst many others at ScandiKitchen. Photo: Scandikitchen 


Scandinavian Kitchen

Location: Fitzrovia
Website: https://www.scandikitchen.co.uk/

Scandinavian Kitchen is the go-to shop where you’ll find all the Scandinavian goodies you can think of. They make the traditional Semla, but on the weekends in January and February, they offer special-flavours as well. How about a saffron bun semla? Or one with blueberry, Nutella, or lemon curd? Last year they released their  ”cinnamon bun semla”, which basically is two of our favourite Swedish buns in one. How amazing is not that?!


The Swedish Church in London

Location: Marylebone
Website: https://www.svenskakyrkan.se/london 

Each Sunday during the Lent and on Fettisdagen The Swedish Church will sell us semlor. Last year they also baked for Totally Swedish which was extremely popular – so we do know these are really good ones!



Bageriet. Photo: LondonSwedes YouTube Channel


Location: Covent Garden
Website: https://www.bageriet.co.uk/

Upon Rose Street lies a cute little traditional Swedish Bakery called Bageriet. Whenever you crave some Swedish pastry this place will never let you down – no matter if you want a cinnamon bun, a shrimp sandwich, or a classic Prinsesstårta. Their semla is one of LondonSwedes’ favourites and baker Daniel makes the almond paste from scratch which gives it a unique taste. Definitely worth a try!


Curious Yellow Kafe

Location: Hoxton
Website: https://curiousyellowkafe.co.uk

Last year this little kafe baked on demand – and sold out every time. This year they did not had the plan to make any semlor, but after so many of us reached out and asked for them they decided to do so anyway – yay! They’ll start making them on Thursday the 11th of February.


Semla or the Finnish Laskiaispulla? This delicious mix can be found at Dunns Bakery

Dunns Bakery

Location: Crouch End
Website: https://dunns-bakery.co.uk/

Dunns Bakery is another bakery that popular amongst LondonSwedes! Sixth generation baker Lewis is the boss handling the cafe after his father and mother. They have a special thing for decorating cakes and all of their delicacies are made from their own, homemade recipes. Since the first lockdown, they have opened a pop-up shop for delivery where you, amongst all the delicious pastry can take away a special edition of the semla.


Helma London

Location: Dalston
Website: https://www.helmalondon.com/locations

Runned by a Swede and a Georgian Helma was baptized with inspiration from their kids, Alma and Henry. It is a vegetarian and plant based café where the food and the pastries are made by season. Last year their semlor was so popular that they sold out both one and two times.


Semla delivery to Totally Swedish from Svenska Kyrkan. Photo: Jonathan Ferding

Totally Swedish

Locations: Marylebone, Barnes
Website: https://www.totallyswedish.com/

Totally Swedish started as a webshop för Swedish goodies, but later they expanded to not only one, but two, cute little shops. Their Semla is this year provided by Bageriet, another Swedish café in London, and also one of LondonSwede’s favorites!

Photo: Blåbär


Location: Putney
Website: https://blabar.london/

A nordic inspired cafe and design shop which is also going strong online. During corona their physical shop is closed, however, the cafe is still open for take-away. Which means that you, luckily, still can enjoy their Semla with its very fluffy cardamon bun.


Photo: Karma bread Instagram

Karma Bread

Location: Hampstead Heath
Website: https://www.karmabread.co.uk/

Bread, sweets, sandwiches, and soup. Karma Bread has whatever you would like to have for a cosy lunch o a classic Swedish fika, although it is not Swedish at all. The fact that it is located in Hampstead Heath makes it the perfect fit for a take away combined with an excursion. Grab yourself a Semla to go and walk in the parks or go visit Highgate Cematary. A win-win situation, or ”slå två flugor i en smäll” as we say in Sweden.


Fabrique Bakery. Photo: Marjan Az

Fabrique Bakery

Locations: Covent Garden, Fitzrovia, Notting Hill, High Holborn, Kensington, and Shoreditch
Website: http://fabrique.co.uk/

Fabrique started in Sweden by Lotta and David Zetterström and is a stone oven bakery. They offer a wide selection of bread, buns, and traditional Swedish cookies. Their pastry- and bread success took the little coffeeshop to both New York and us in London – which we are very thankful for. You find them in six different locations around London and all of them offer semla for take-away. For the one that loves a little extra cream Fabrique is the place to go!

Fabrique Bakery also provide semlor that are vegan! 



Chin Chins coffee house

Location: Bexleyheath
Website: https://chinchinscoffeehouse.co.uk/

We know about Chin Chin thanks to you guys, who posted about it in our group. And that is exactly what communities are for – right? Chin Chins Coffee House is a family run business popular with the locals in Bexleyheath. They provide homemade food, loads of loose tea, and freshly baked cookies. And, this time a year, Semlor!



Photo: Gustaf Boman 


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