Win London’s biggest Easter egg!

Apr 12, 2019 by

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Win this huge Easter egg!


Terms and conditions:  The winner must be able to pick up from the café in London – the egg is already packed and ready to pick up (no substitutions). One winner only. Pick up before Easter Sunday.


Our favourite Scandi-store in London Scandinavian Kitchen have packed this massive egg with Scandi-treats. Want it?
To win: The competition is held on our Instagram, so head to
ScandiKitchen stocks loads of Swedish easter treats – from the eggs to all the pick’n’mix and chocolates… They even stock Påskmust, colourful feathers and more! The café is open all Easter (except Easter Monday). Online orders to the whole of the UK is also possible! ?

Value £75+

Weight 5200 grams.


More than 1kg of Pick’n’Mix

Haribo Salt Bomber – Salty Liquorice 325g (BIG BAG)

Malaco Zoo – Fruit Sweets 20g

Fazer Salta Katten 24g

Malaco PimPim – Raspberry Jelly Sweets 20g

Ga-Jol Original Bla – Liquorice Pastilles 23g

OLW Cheez Doodles – Cheesy Corn Snacks 160g

Freia Melkesjokolade – Milk Chocolate 60g

Karl Fazer Mjolkchoklad – Milk Chocolate 100g

Tupla King Size 85g

Malaco Gott & Blandat Original – Fruity Wine Gum Mix 160g

Toms Dronning Mandler 220g

Cloetta Paskeskum – Fruity Marshmallows 110g

Toms Pingvin Salt Pastiller 310g

Marabou Mjolkchoklad Daim – Milk Chocolate With Daim 200g

Marabou Mjolkchoklad – Milk Chocolate 200g

Ahlgrens Bilar Original – Fruity Marshmallow Sweets 125g

Fazer Geisha – Chocolate with Hazelnut

Anthon Berg Mandelagg 80g

Marabou Non Stop – Chocolate Buttons 100g

Cloetta Kexchoklad – Chocolate Wafer 60g      @ £0.00

Fazer Tyrkisk Peber Megahot Liquorice Sweets 120g

Cloetta Plopp – Chocolate with Caramel 158g

Anthon Berg Chokoladeaeg Med Skal 80g

Freia Kvikklunsj – Chocolate Covered Wafer 47g

Smash – Choc Covered Corn Snacks 100g

Cloetta Polly Bla – Toffee Chocolate 200g

Marabou Daim Crunch (BAG) 100g

Nidar Troika – Chocolate With Raspberry, Marzipan & Truffle

Freia Krokanrull – Almond Crisp Milk Chocolate 71g

Anthon Berg Marcipanbrod – Chocolate Covered Marzipan 40g