The truth: Swedens six-hour work day

Oct 6, 2015 by

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So, we bet that no one has missed the latest buzz in pretty much every social network there is.

The popularity of the six-hour work day became so popular that Sweden was trending as number one on Facebook all over the WORLD last week – for two whole days, and the buzz lived on.

On Google you will find almost every big newspaper writing about  the “news”:


6 hour work week


Lately, every mate in London have been tapping us on the shoulder and congratulating us. First we might have thought it’s because our second biggest clothes chain in Sweden, Lindex(after H&M), are about to open their second store within a year in London  (congrats Lindex #feelingproud #export).
No, it was because they all (and us too) simply believed in the rumours that Sweden is shifting to a 6-hour work day.


We’ve witnessed tweets, photos, Instagram posts, more articles, Facebook posts, 9gag memes and even videos about the remarkable Sweden and their amazing work policies – less hours, more productivity!? Thousands and thousands of likes, shares and comment about how the Vikings have done it again!
Our fellow Londonswedes got so excited, they started to pack their bags, changing the logo to just “Proud Swede” and were ready to fly back to the land of sour herring.


Shit got so real, that the really large news sites such as American CNN, Independent and Fortune, Italian Huffington Post and Australian Sydney Morning Herald started to play Chinese whispers and gossip the message further.

6 hour work week

photo:, Getty Images/Stockphoto


On the article was shared over 57 000 times. 



6 hours work week


The post on 9gag got almost 800 000 likes and 40 000 comments, Sweden has officially become the best country to live in. We start to suspect this is all a PR trick gone right by Visit Sweden….



6 hour work week


6 hours work week

photo: Tumblr


Last but not least – the real source Science alert, with their 598 000 shares…6 hour work day


There’s only one issue here – It’s not true!



So far there are only three companies known to the media that has been trying this theory: Toyota in Mölndal, app development company Filimundus in Stockholm, and a retirement home in Gothenburg.

The rest of the , are still just the normal simple working class heroes. #sweden #yay

6 hour work week